He’s Off!

We dropped off Elder Van Komen today.  The MTC seemed ready for him — we drove in at 1:26pm (had to wait for the light) and drove back out at 1:31.  It was quick, and good.

We started the morning off with breakfast with the extended family.  We met at IHOP for Cinnamon Swirl French Toast and visits and goodbye hugs.

We went home, and double-checked Mom’s trusty packing list.  We put the last of the clean laundry, the razor and his eye-glass cases in the suitcase along with two-years’ worth of love and good advice and parenting.  He made a final phone call to his cousins in Virginia and we set off to Provo.

We are a family known for promptness and arrived in Provo with plenty of time to spare.  We stopped at the Provo Temple for some photos and to take a gander at the MANY families doing the same thing.  The six of us shared hugs and kisses and the assurance that we are HAPPY! This is a GOOD THING!  It will BE GREAT!  Mom is crying HAPPY TEARS!

We drove around a little bit.  I said we are “on time” folks, but we are really “early-birds”  and had 30 (!) minutes to kill.  We drove past the apartment we lived in when David was an infant and toddler, looked at all the construction on the BYU campus, and thought about ice cream at the Creamery but decided against it.  At the appointed time, we pulled into the MTC campus.  We were directed by nice men in panama hats, name tags and yellow vests until we got to spot #19.  A cute Elder was there to greet David, take his luggage and lead him on to the next chapter.

I’m On My Way from Mel on Vimeo.

‘Til we meet again, Elder Van Komen!  God Speed!  We can’t wait to hear about your adventures!


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    He’ll be great!

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