Week 1, MTC

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Elder David Van Komen
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Provo, UT 84604-1793

Hola Familia!

If you want to email me, I suggest that you don’t. I have limited time to access and answer email that I won’t have time to get back to you. This, I find, is the reason why they ask that it be only used for family. If you want to send me letters while I’m here at the MTC, PLEASE do so. Nothing is more exciting than getting at least one letter or package from someone after lunch or dinner.  If you want to, use DearElder.com, a free service that works like email. You write it up in a dialog box, and then I can send you a real physical letter back.

The first week of the MTC has been a pretty big adjustment, but it is starting to become rewarding. I am in the “fast track” Spanish class where we learn Spanish at a much faster rate than many have in the past. We have very little “breathing room” where we can just relax or study privately. We are almost always in the classroom and only really get a break when it is time to get a meal. Today, however, has been pretty decent in regards to the amount of stress that I’m experiencing. That is obviously due to today being my P-day here at the MTC. Tuesdays are going to be a welcome break from the craziness that I feel here at the MTC.

My companion here is Elder Atkins. He is from West Point, Utah and went to Utah State for his first year of college. He loves to run and be physically fit. He’s actually trying to help me get into shape in the few weeks that we have together. I think that Dad would like him. He’s a pretty great guy, has a great sense of humor, and is pretty easy to chat with.

The MTC schedule is rough and doesn’t allow time for slackers. I’ve come to enjoy the MTC in the short week that I have here and I cherish the shining moments that help remind me that this is a great place with a wonderful spirit. My teachers are just amazing. We’ve had 3 or 4 different ones so far, as one of our assigned teachers is currently on vacation. Each district is assigned two teachers that will be with them for the rest of the MTC experience. My district (17D) has been assigned Hermano Jarmin (the one that’s been on vacation) and Hermana Eyring. Hermana Eyring is one of the sweetest persons that I’ve ever met, and she is a wonderful teacher to boot. She is super kind and only wants us to succeed. She only gets impatient if we’re being rowdy or disrespectful (which, unfortunately, happens more than it should — our district likes to joke around and although it’s all in good fun  it can get on my nerves as well). In case you were wondering, she is the granddaughter of President Eyring. She doesn’t like to talk too much about it, as she’d much rather teach us than discuss her life. However, we can easily see her grandfather in her by her testimony and her shining face that we see almost every day.

We’ve already taught our progressive investigator 3 times now and we are preparing for the fourth for tomorrow. We have done decently well, but with only a few days of Spanish, it is pretty hard to express our feelings and teach as we’d like to. Elder Atkins is doing his best to help me out, but I find that I am the one that is talking and responding to our investigator the most. As we progress with the language, I feel that teaching investigators will be significantly easier and so much more rewarding. I know that a few months in, I’ll just be loving Spanish more than I currently do now and that I’ll be able to just have an amazing time. The work that I put in now will sincerely help me as I prepare for Peru.

I really like the MTC, but it is very similar to my dorm experience!  I am looking forward to being somewhere different from good old Helaman Halls! I love it here, and I’m beginning to look past some of the things that bug me.I hope that everything is good on the home-front and I hope that you are all doing well. You are all in my prayers. I love you all. See you in about 103 weeks!

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  1. Kaylyn Johnston says:

    haha I’ve started updating my blog every day too lol I hope there’s a thunderstorm tonight too! 🙂 

  2. Grandpa says:

    Thunder storms are the best, especially when you can also watch the lightening.  You will probably see them a lot in Peru what with the ocean currents and mountains.

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