CCM Week 2

Well hello family!

It’s been a super uneventful week here at the CCM.  We haven’t been able to do much at all this week as we’re locked in what Elder Durfey and Elder Atkins “affectionately” call “The Compound” or on other days “The District” (in reference to the Hunger Games).

We’re having fun on certain days, and we’ve learned and have grown so much with Spanish and the Spirit. I am so glad that we’ve been doing so well here. It is hard work, but we’re super stoked to be here and even more excited to just get out to the field. For our first taste of proselyting, we’re going out with a Latino companion this Saturday to practice working with real people. We’ll be working with new members and inactive families. It will be super fun and super scary.

I’ll tell you about the crazy P-Day that we’ve had today briefly:

We woke up this morning ready to begin the day.  We were able to grab a washing machine with dryers shortly after.  Laundry here at the CCM is absolutely ridiculous — it is tough to get a machine — and we learned our lesson from last week. Many Latinos have never used a machine like this, so it was a fun learning experience for them!

Shortly after breakfast, we met at the gate to “sign-out” (see, it is a compound) so that we could go out into the town and explore. We waited about ten minutes before a bus arrived. We were lucky and got one of the “big” ones (big implying that we didn’t have to crouch while standing). The driver knew exactly where we were going and took good care of us this time. We got to the temple and were greeted like superstars.  Two stakes of young men had just arrived to do Baptisms for the Dead and were waiting outside.  We had to all be in pictures with them.  I’m pretty sure that they were more excited over the fact that we were gringos, rather than just being missionaries.

After the temple session, we headed over to this tiny little store that sells stuff that is related to the church.  I am so tempted to blow about 50 bucks to get awesome leather covers for my Triple and my Bible that are in Spanish. I have two more weeks before I need to make up my mind, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

After that we went to TOTUS, the Walmart of Peru.  It is super cool and they have tons of American stuff.  I was able to buy some candy with my cash and get a bunch of cash switched out for soles. After that, we got on another bus that took us right back to the CCM, since the driver knew what and where we needed to go.

Hope you’re all doing well! Love and miss you all loads!

Elder Van Komen

PS Here are a few pictures from the past month:

Posing in front of the Provo Temple with my district

My Old Elder’s Quorum President!

My companion, roommates and I trashed our MTC room trying to pack up before leaving for Lima. It was tricky getting our suitcases to the right weight.

We landed in Lima at 11:00pm, and it was much later than that when we finally cleared customs and could go to the CCM.

Welcome to the CCM!

Elder Durfey and I in front of the Lima Peru Temple.

These flags represent the nationalities of the current missionaries in the CCM.


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