Week 3, Getting Ready for the True Adventure

Monday, August 13, 2012


Well, here we are at week three! I’m getting ready to go to Peru right now and my laundry is getting done as I am writing this email. I am SO excited to get going to the Peru MTC that I can hardly believe it. Cleaning and packing just makes the experience all the more real. The airplane is going to be boring, as we can only read and sleep and maybe talk to people, but that’s alright. I can get loads of studying done while I’m on the plane.

My experiences with the Spirit are truly multiplying as I teach, study, and learn about the Gospel. Our progressing investigators, which we only just started working with, are super fun to work with. Hermano Jarman’s investigator, Miguel, is easily our favorite, as he is an Argentinian that moved to Spain. He loves learning about the Gospel, as evident by him being taught by the missionaries for three years. His only problem has been the Book of Mormon. Unfortunately, since that is holding him back, he doesn’t know much about everything else, other than he likes the truth and believes it. Whenever we try to get on the topic of the Book of Mormon, he explodes at us with “NO ME GUSTA. I DOEN’T LIEK EET.” He says that it is a punishment, and after talking it over with the class we figured out why that was holding him back: he cannot read. Unfortunately, we don’t get to teach him again, so we’re disappointed that we had only just figured that out.

Hermano Jarman is an awesome teacher, and is rightfully so. He’s been teaching at the MTC for over two years. Our favorite lesson with him has been “Se lo doy” (I give it to you) as he takes a marker around the class, pointing to us, himself, and the marker trying to get us to understand Indirect Object Pronouns and Direct Object Pronouns in Spanish. We had some great laughs and some of the Elders had some of the dumbest faces.

Hermana Eyring’s  progressing investigator is named Lilian, who is fairly easy to teach, but she is super quiet and shy. She doesn’t like talking about pretty much anything unless we ask her questions that make her think. Today, we’re committing her to read the Book of Mormon, which is harder than you think in Spanish. Hermana Eyring is super nice and is a wonderful teacher. She is phenomenal at teaching us Gospel Principles and Teaching Methods, and I’m going to miss her a lot. She’s one of those people that just loves the Gospel, is super kind, and is often quiet. I’m very grateful that she was one of my teachers.

And we’ve decided that our teachers have either schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder, because THEY are their own progressive investigator. Lilian is Hermana Eyring and Miguel is Hermano Jarman!

There are (I think) five of us going to Peru that will be serving Peruvian missions. We’ve got myself, Elder Atkins (PLE), Elder Durfey (PLS), Hermana Olsen (PLS), Elder Olson (Arequipe), and Elder Hartvigsen (PLS). Unfortunately, the other Peru Lima South Elder, Elder Nash, who has been in our District and even my room, did not receive his visa. We’re pretty sure that it is due to him having his passport over the summer, and it might have been required for a final step. They called him down (calling down is rare at the MTC, since they don’t interrupt classes) over the PA system to get his passport to the Travel Office. Hopefully, he should be joining us soon.

The story that I was going to relate last week I think is fine to share, as we were able to hear both sides of the story and actually be on one end: Hermana Eyring was out of town on a family vacation to Idaho. They had a great time. While she was gone, we had our first lesson with Hermano Jarman, as he had been off on vacation when we arrived. Because we needed to teach a progressive investigator, Hermano Jarman decided that half of the district needed to teach Miguel for the first time so that we could stay on schedule for learning. The first lesson with Miguel was pretty harsh as he yelled and made fun of every single missionary. He even asked one of the elders if he was pooping his pants over nervousness. It was absolutely hilarious and we loved every minute. Shortly after the last lesson as we were going over future tense verbs, Hermano Jarman received a text from Hermana Eyring asking how everything was going. Hermano Jarman went along with suggestions from us and texted back, “Well, two Elders went home and Elder Miller won’t stop crying.” That pretty much broke the ice and we laughed crazy hard. She replied with “Are you being serious?” To which he said “What do you think? :(” She replied with a very harsh text saying something like “Kyle Jarman, I can’t tell if you are being serious in person. How am I supposed to know if you are being serious over text? Tell the missionaries that I love them and want the best from them.” With that we all laughed, as we knew that she’d say something exactly like that. It cut deep into us though, because we knew that she is super kind and really does love us all. He let her know that he was kidding and she related the story to us the next class period we had with her.

As for photos, I’m not going to send home the SD card just yet. There aren’t nearly enough pictures to share with you, as there haven’t been many things to take pictures of (there are a lot of things off limits!).  I’ll do my best to send some of the Peru MTC home in my next email, so you can look forward to that.

Love you all and talk to you tomorrow before my flights!

Elder Van Komen

P.S.  Tell everyone thanks for the awesome letters and treats.  It’s been so hard to find the time to write everyone like I want to, but I love getting mail.  And Grandma has made me very popular with my district with all the care packages.

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