Week 6 Comes to a Close!

September 5, 2012

Well, looks like week 6 is finally over. I’m now more than two thirds through my MTC experience and halfway through the Peru CCM. It has been a pretty short three weeks, but has also felt long. We’ve decided that the days take forever in the MTC, but the weeks fly by. I am so pumped to go out into the field, especially after the experience that I had last Saturday. I also would tell you about other things that will have happened today, but we ended up with the early morning email time and we haven’t had our adventures yet.

Did I mention that we had a GIGANTIC mission conference last Friday? No? Well, last Friday, we all went to the chapel that’s on the same property as the CCM for a huge conference. There were missionaries from all five Lima missions with their presidents. I want to say ALL  the missionaries from all five missions were there, but I doubt that all missionaries came.  However, there were probably over a couple thousand judging by the size of the entire event and judging by the 100 or so from the CCM.  Since we were from the CCM, we got the second, third and fourth row, right behind the mission presidents. I was lucky enough to get the second row (right behind the mission presidents) directly in front of the pulpit. I was literally five feet away from that thing. I got to chat with all of the presidents minus my own. Since the CCM is in the Lima East Mission, he was sitting on the stand. However, nothing was as awesome as the actual purpose of the event: we were visited by Elder D. Todd Christofferson and were addressed by him for about an hour. It was absolutely CRAZY. I was five feet away from an Apostle speaking to us. It was phenomenal.

Saturday, we also went tracting for the first time. It was awesome. We got to meet real people. Elder Ramirez and I were companions, and we didn’t have much success, but we sure did learn a ton. We were on a bus for two hours each direction. We were out of Peru, in an area that I could very well be assigned to. It was pretty freaking awesome and I loved the whole experience.

The Latino elders left yesterday, and it felt so weird that they were all gone. We took some pretty great pictures (attached) and shared some great hugs and contact information. I don’t think that the new Latinos that are trickling in can measure up to the Latinos that just left, but we can sure try. I’m going to miss them all so much. We had some awesome experiences together (especially our daily soccer, which I love soooo much — thanks for coaching me, Dad!) and I really love them all. I’m also going to miss the other North American Elders that arrived 3 weeks before us. I made some good friends among them (especially Elder Neff, who is headed to the Peru Cusco Mission) and wish them the best of luck in their various missions.

The weather here has been almost the exact same all three weeks: 60-ish degrees with overcast skies. — super boring and very gray. However, so far, every Wednesday and Sunday (with this past Monday as well) it has been completely clear and we’ve been getting sun. On Monday, I actually got a bit of a sun burn. It actually felt very good. I’m pretty sure that those clear days are messages to us from our Father in Heaven. Love it all.

Today, we will take a tour of the city of Lima, but we haven’t been out yet, since it is early in the morning here and we got the afternoon temple time with morning email and laundry. I’ll be sure to write about it next week, as that is surely going to be a huge highlight of the week.

By the way, the letter that you sent last August 24 arrived yesterday. Mail sure is slow here. Written letters are awesome, seriously.

Well, my time is just about up. I sure do love you all and wish you the best. I can’t wait to get out into the field to send you some more awesome emails and pictures of my adventures. I sure do miss you all a ton, but I know the Lord is blessing each of us. Until next week!

Love you loads!

Elder David Van Komen

Elder Durfey and me with Elders Reyes and Ramirez. We’re going to miss these guys!

Our CCM District

Elder Neff as he heads off to Cusco

I love playing soccer on the CCM’s turf field.



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