“I’m Having The Time of My Life, And I’ve Never Felt This Way Before”

First off, I gotta say that taxi rides both terrify me and are super awesome.   They terrify me because the drivers here are pretty selfish and they drive about 200 miles per hour when we head to La Merced.   However, they are super awesome because they often have music playing that is among the popular music of the US, and yes, that song has come up several times being down here.  I also have had a taxi that had an entire CD of BeeGees music that I sang along to under my breath the entire way to our destination.  It was pretty sweet.

Not a whole lot to report on, since I just wrote to you all last Wednesday.  Wednesday was pretty cool, as two different Zones had the chance to have a P-Day together.  We got to go to two different waterfalls.  Unfortunately, I only remember the name of one: Velo De La Novia.  I’ve attached a picture of our Zone on a bridge made out of a log to get to that waterfall.  I’ve also attached a picture of me at the other waterfall that I can’t remember the name of.  Both of the waterfalls were beautiful and absolutely HUGE — about 2-3 times bigger than the other waterfalls that I’ve gone to.  Super duper awesome.

My zone crossing a bridge on the way to Velo de la Novia

The “other waterfall” — I wish I could remember the name

The Multi-Zone Conference was super awesome, as President Ardila really focused on showing us how to find Doctrine and Principles in any set of church reading that we do.  We pulled doctrine out of Apocolypsis (Revelation) chapter 2.  John is writing letters to the servants of the seven wards of the church, and is using the words that the Lord gave him through the spirit of revelation.  In this chapter, we can learn how to properly correct people in their gospel lives.  We first congratulate them on the service that they’ve done, but then we have to tell them things the hard way, such as telling them that they haven’t been true to their first love, Jesus Christ.  Picking out doctrine is also super fun in other areas of the scriptures, and makes studying them oh so much more meaning full since you actually have to find the items yourself.  Other than that, we also went over the Camel in the Needle’s Eye, which showed us that in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, we have to leave all of our earthly stuff behind to serve the Lord, which is what I’m doing now.  Super awesome conference.  I’m forwarding the President’s email of which you can find the picture of our two zones.

My zone after the Multi-Zone conference last week

President Ardila is an amazing man.  He knows so much about the doctrine, and is soo invested in the gospel.  He is so admirable and is super amazing.  I hope that I can have his knowledge some day.  He also really knows what is best for us, as the rules and things that he sends us are totally perfect and chosen for us to succeed and focus on the work.

I have not yet received the package you sent.  The only days I have the opportunities to receive any mail or packages is usually Tuesdays.  They can only send the Zone’s stuff once a week.  I’m hoping that I get it tomorrow in our District Meeting.  As for Christmas, I’ll start thinking about some of the things that I want as I’m not entirely sure as to what I might just need/want just yet.  Hopefully, next week I’ll send you a few things that I’d like.
We did finally find Hno Arturo, but his health is degrading.  He has diabetes and it is not treating him well.  We’re meeting with him tomorrow to see what we can do to help him.

Other than that, I’m super stoked to see my li’l brother in his Creeper costume.  It better just be super amazing.  Also, I’ve heard about Hurricane Sandy and hope that everything is OK with those dealing with it.

Sure do love you all.  Can’t wait to hear from you all again next week.


David was on-line at the same time I was, so we had a 20 minute back-and-forth email “chat” which was so wonderful.  I learned that Elder Espinoza is from Nicaragua and his first name is Moises.  He will stay with David for the next transfer and then go home on about December 5 having finished his mission.  David also said that he will likely stay in La Merced for one more 6-week transfer after that (through about January 16 if I’m counting correctly).  ~Melinda

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