Four Months and Going Strong

Would you look at that!  I’ve hit 4 months on the mission!  Thanksgiving last week wasn’t super eventful, but here are two pictures of my Thanksgiving dinner! I had chaufa (Chinese Peruvian Fried Rice) made by my pensionista, which is my favorite dinner here.  Dinners are pretty small here, but it was still freaking awesome.  I also had a liter of lúcuma juice and chocolate chip ice cream that I shared with my companion.  It was a super duper awesome dinner that tasted super delicious.  I still missed all of the good food that we have at home, but the spirit of Thanksgiving was in my heart.  I was a bit homesick at about mid-day, but shortly after, I felt a huge amount of comfort from my Heavenly Father, and I’m sure it was the dinner blessing that you had together.

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I’ve Completed My First In-Field Transfer!

Have I already completed my first in-field transfer? It is almost too crazy to believe that it has already happened and over with.  There are about 15 changes more.

Well, I got the package last week, and I’m pretty sure that it had absolutely everything you sent — no sticky fingers in Customs.  The three bags of candy, the taffy and calendar for Susanna, the shower shoes, the two boxes of chocoladehagel (of which one box is almost gone thanks to breakfast and the tons of bread that we eat with it), both ties, the Conference talks, and the amazing photo album.  I love every single bit about the package, so thanks so much for sending it.  Packages are the best, and you’ve already sent as many as many elders have received their whole missions.  But don’t worry, I totally share the candy that I’ve been given.  Also, Elder Espinoza loves the matching tie, and we matched for our zone meeting on Friday to grab money.  We got some comments similar to “oh, un compañerismo verdadero y unico.” Super cool, so thanks!

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