Four Months and Going Strong

Would you look at that!  I’ve hit 4 months on the mission!  Thanksgiving last week wasn’t super eventful, but here are two pictures of my Thanksgiving dinner! I had chaufa (Chinese Peruvian Fried Rice) made by my pensionista, which is my favorite dinner here.  Dinners are pretty small here, but it was still freaking awesome.  I also had a liter of lúcuma juice and chocolate chip ice cream that I shared with my companion.  It was a super duper awesome dinner that tasted super delicious.  I still missed all of the good food that we have at home, but the spirit of Thanksgiving was in my heart.  I was a bit homesick at about mid-day, but shortly after, I felt a huge amount of comfort from my Heavenly Father, and I’m sure it was the dinner blessing that you had together.

Chaufa (Chinese-inspired Peruvian Fried Rice) for our Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving dessert! Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!

Not really a whole lot to talk about this week.  It was a pretty slow week with tons and tons of rain.  We’ve been working hard, but we unfortunately haven’t had any baptisms this month.  The old lady we were going to baptize yesterday was too sick to move.  Her name is Francisca and she really couldn’t move and doesn’t remember what we teach her, so we’re just going to get her interview and get it over with.  Brian has been working like crazy, so we haven’t been able to get ahold of him to resolve his problems.  Another younger man that we were going to baptize, Caesar, told us early last week that he wasn’t married to who he was living with.  We also have about two other families that want to get baptized, but also aren’t married.

That’s what is bothering me the most.  In Peru, it is totally chill to have kids, live with a partner for years and years, and not get married.  We met Brian’s mom yesterday, and his parents have been living together for more than 20 years without being legally married.  Its kinda messed up, I think.  They are finally going to get married this coming year.  My companion usually asks people questions like “Isn’t 10 years time enough to get to know the person that you’re going to marry?” and they seriously often reply with “Nope.  I need more time.”   This is going to be a big challenge for my whole mission, but I’ll at least know exactly what you need to get married in Peru!  My companion and I often chat about that kind of stuff, which is pretty cool, and we both agree that that kind of thinking is not of God.  I guess the problem is that the government makes it really expensive and complicated, so people decide to not bother.

Thanks for the super awesome Thanksgiving pictures with the Gledhill group, and it sounds like the VK clan had a blast with all of the missionary homecomings yesterday.  I liked reading about the super cool experiences that the missionaries shared.  I have had experiences like those.  We sometimes wait for a while, or can’t find people and feel like at least giving up for the day, but then we keep walking and decide to not give up and then we find someone that needs to hear something from us.  Yesterday we met a young man staring at the river on the big bridge.  I had this feeling that he might have jumped off if we hadn’t arrived.  We shared a message and he walked with us to our next visit.  He gave us his contact information, and we handed him a pamphlet on the Plan of Salvation.  Hope that he does better and feels that there really is a purpose to life before we meet him again this week.

Other than that, I’ve got really nothing else to say.  I’m almost completely fluent and rarely need to think about what I’m going to say before saying it.  The only challenge is vocabulary, as I’m sure it is for everyone else learning languages.  My testimony grows each day, and my scriptures get more and more colorful as I study.  I actually only study my Spanish ones now, which is super awesome.  I’ve read some passages so many times that I don’t even need to think about individual  words to look them up.  The Spanish translation is also really really cool as it has a lot of interesting ways to say common scriptures that really open up my understanding of them.  Love love love the scriptures.  Hope that you’re all studying them daily.  Not sure if you’ve been doing this or not, but family scripture study is something that we teach the member families to strengthen themselves and their relationships.  I’d love to hear any experiences that you are having with family scripture study.

Well, that’s it for this week.  Sure do love you all and think about you very often.


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