I’ve Completed My First In-Field Transfer!

Have I already completed my first in-field transfer? It is almost too crazy to believe that it has already happened and over with.  There are about 15 changes more.

Well, I got the package last week, and I’m pretty sure that it had absolutely everything you sent — no sticky fingers in Customs.  The three bags of candy, the taffy and calendar for Susanna, the shower shoes, the two boxes of chocoladehagel (of which one box is almost gone thanks to breakfast and the tons of bread that we eat with it), both ties, the Conference talks, and the amazing photo album.  I love every single bit about the package, so thanks so much for sending it.  Packages are the best, and you’ve already sent as many as many elders have received their whole missions.  But don’t worry, I totally share the candy that I’ve been given.  Also, Elder Espinoza loves the matching tie, and we matched for our zone meeting on Friday to grab money.  We got some comments similar to “oh, un compañerismo verdadero y unico.” Super cool, so thanks!

So, as for some pretty interesting things that have happened this week, there are but a few.  Wednesday, as we were looking for a new room to live in.  Susana wants to move to get more space and also because there’s a young man that smokes very close to our place.  She doesn’t want little Andrea to be subject to the smoke.  We also decided to proselyte a bit to help kill the time and put to use the time that we were spending looking around.  As we did this, we came across a house that had a doorbell, which is strange for this area since not many people have money for those types of things.  However, this doorbell wasn’t a standard doorbell.  It played “It’s a Small World,” which actually made me reflect on how small the world really is, and also our trip to Disneyland back in May.  Small thing, but pretty cool.  And no, we haven’t found a new room.

Our poor flooded room. We got it cleaned up, though.

Friday morning, we flooded our room.  That was super duper exciting.  We have to fill up a big bucket (like the trash can that we have that is also blue at home) with water so that we can have water to wash our hands, bathe (if the shower doesn’t work), flush the toilet, etc.  Leo, the son of Susana who also lives up with us on the second floor, put the hose into the bucket, but apparently someone (it wasn’t me or my companion :)) knocked it out in the middle of the night (which, by the way had such a phenomenal thunderstorm that it scared the $%&@ out of me on several occasions with the SUPER DUPER LOUD THUNDER).  So when the water came on, it flooded our room.  Fortunately, I woke up and caught it before it spread to get my clothes, shoes, and other items.  So, we spent a good hour and a half pushing the water to a drain that we’ve got.  Super fun.

In other news:

  • I broke my glasses.  Before you freak out, only the screw that holds the lenses in snapped, so I can probably get them fixed here.  We’re going to look for a place to fix them tomorrow.  I accidentally slept with them on my stomach Saturday night.  (Haven’t done that for a few years, lol!)
  • I’m still losing weight, which is cool.  Almost down another belt hole and several Elders in my zone have commented on how good I’m looking.   And as much as I love Peruvian Food, I really miss some of the good old Utah food, especially the awesome Sunday Dinners. Oh, and I also really miss legit ice cream. We’ve got some Nestle Ice Cream here that is pretty good and curbs my cravings for Ice Cream, but it doesn’t satisfy it like BYU Creamery or other Ice Cream locations. Oh well. 21 more months without that food.
  • I’m also learning Spanish at an amazing rate, as I can really express my thoughts as I want.  Unfortunately, vocabulary still kills me when I want to use a specific word.  I’ve started writing down the words that I want to use and then look them up later so I can use them when I can.

As for a spiritual experience, last night we had a Missionary Family Night (Noche de Hogar) with members of Barrio el Milagro.  My companion and I wanted to give some great messages to the members, so we thought for a while.  Then the thought came to me to grab “The Family, a Proclamation To the World” and read through it.  Then I remembered the talk by Elder Oaks that mom sent me about protecting the children.  I gave the Spanish copy to Elder Espinoza and we figured that we’d talk about these two things: the Family for me, and that talk and other insights for him.  It was absolutely amazing how powerfully we taught.  Especially me, who is still struggling with expressing all of my thoughts.  As I taught, I didn’t have to think about anything that I needed to say, and I just said it.  It was really like the words were being put right into my mouth.  I felt like a missionary of the Book of Mormon that would talk with power and authority.  I then bore my testimony of the eternal nature of the family and testified of how I knew that with the work of each family member, especially of the parents, we can become united and truly be happy.  It brought tears to my eyes, and I saw others tearing up.

Three companionships from my zone, getting ready for our FHE.

I miss you guys so very much, but I am learning so much and am helping people come unto Christ.  As much as I miss you, I’m doing what I need to be doing and am where I need to be.  My testimony is so much stronger than it ever has been, and I used to think that my testimony was pretty strong.  I know that this gospel is true and that Jesus Christ is our Redeemer.  The Book of Mormon is the truest book on the Earth and we can really get closer to our Heavenly Father and our Savior through it.  I love you all so much and can’t wait for the eternities with you, as I know that families are eternal.  I have no more doubts at all.

I love you, miss you, and hope you are all doing well, and I think of you often.  Take care and until next week!

love, David


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