Strange Things Keep Happening to Me

Well hello all!  Think of the Toy Story song with this title.  I don’t remember the words, but the chorus has been stuck in my head for a while.  This week has actually been kinda boring and I don’t have a whole lot to say about the events that have happened, because there really isn’t much at all.

First and foremost, I must say that Peruvians really do love all types of music.  A really cool song is Levels by ASCII, which is a super fun electronic song with a really cool beat — really quite a surprise.  It’s just super fun to find things that I didn’t think that I would find.  (Also, I thought that a handful of my friends would like to know that this kind of stuff does exist outside of the States, even though I know that almost all of it is pirated.  All of the DVDs and Playstation 2 games here are pirated and hacked, which is kinda fun for me since I know how to do that, even though I don’t do it!)

Yesterday we were supposed to have a baptism.  Finally Brian, the friend of Tania, had his baptismal interview after several weeks of waiting, and we were so excited to baptize him.  We cleaned the font and got everything ready to go.  When we got back after grabbing the clothes, the water was green, but we were told that that’s just the color of the water at that time of day (yuck yuck yuck).  We waited, waited, and waited for him to arrive.  We ended up waiting two and a half hours for this guy to come, but he never did.  We finally got a text from his mom (through one of the sister’s phones) that he “Wasn’t prepared for his baptism” which tore me apart in the inside.  This week, we’re going to see what happened because he was so happy to get baptized, and I have the strongest feeling that he will be an amazing Saint.

We’ve also had some pretty weird things happen in the house that we live in.  I think that it is both Heavenly Father and the other team telling us that we need to get out for some reason or another.  I honestly don’t feel comfortable in our room very often now and only feel good when I’m studying some gospel topic.  First, I feel that the idea that the owner had to turn the house into a store was an impression from our team to get the missionaries out.  So, we’ll be getting out very very soon to move into another house that we’ve found (super nice member couple that live alone in a big house and we’re still going to have Hna Susana be our pensionista).  As for the paranormal and strange things that have been happening in the house, I’ll relate this experience:  Last night, Elder Espinoza and I were just chilling in the room getting ready to go to bed.  He went to go talk to Leo, but thought to go up to the roof.  He went up to the roof and saw a tall, thin man carrying a flashlight walking around on the roof, I imagine looking for something.  Elder Espinoza immediately left and went down to get Leo and his cousin Henry.  The three of them went back up to look, and found no one, and no one came down through the door, as we would have seen it.  However, after that, we had a good chat about that kind of stuff, and that the best weapon is the Spirit.  Then we all shared powerful spiritual experiences that we have had.  So, even though I was terrified to death, I slept pretty well knowing that Heavenly Father would protect me.

I love cremoladas.  (They are a concoction of ice, sweetened condensed milk and crushed fruit.) My favorite is Strawberry.  They’re soooo good.  The ice here just melts immediately on your tongue and you just get a huge splash of flavor.  This picture of me and my companion is of both of us having one of these cremoladas at night after a long day of work.  The same restaraunt sells strawberry milkshakes as well, so a few days later I had to have one of those.  Not nearly as good as the milkshakes at home because they use actual ice with the milk and it’s chunky.  But, it sure did taste good and reminded me of home, so I’m not complaining.  I also attached a picture of a beautiful complete rainbow.  I’m pointing to the pot of gold.

Elder Espinoza and I enjoy a cremolada after a hard day of work.

A double rainbow! I think the pot of gold is over there somewhere!

And that’s pretty much it on our end of the world.  Lots of work to do and lots to keep learning.  Sure do love you all and will talk to you all later.

With love,


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