The Bugs Ate My Legs This Week

So first, I gotta say that with summer starting to be in full swing in the Jungle, we’re having some pretty sweet bug problems.  And by sweet I mean totally awful and that there are a billion bugs in the more jungly parts of the area.  Absolutely awful.  Attached is a picture of my legs after our P-day last week.  Notice all of the red spots.  They itch sooo badly.  They are healing though.  And yes, I DID use repellent.  Guess it came off with the rainy weather that we had.

Itchy bug bites. Welcome to summer in the jungle!

Speaking of that, for P-Day, we had the opportunity to go back up to Recreo Tirol to help Henry, our favorite member, put up some navideña (christmas decorations) to give his place some more Christmas spirit.  I’ve attached a picture of our hard work.  The stupid tree took two hours to set up the stand.  But it is done and those blue lights make it look absolutely amazing.  Really made me miss putting up decorations at home with the family, as I am sure you put them up yesterday (if you still follow tradition).  I hope that they look beautiful in the house and that you had a good time putting them up.  Susana and her kids were in Lima the other day and bought some decorations as well.  I haven’t seen them all, and they haven’t yet put them up, but I’ll be sure to let you know.  As for Christmas traditions, the only one that is different so far is that they eat a ton of Panetón, an awesome cake-like bread with dried fruit suspended with-in.

Henry’s tree. We spent P-day setting it up for him. I think it looks great.

This week we actually had a miracle happen.  Friday, we were with an assistant, because he was here to help prepare for a conference with one of the Seventy, Elder Juan A. Uceda.  The assistant is a pretty awesome guy, but I can’t remember his name.  He’s been a member for his whole life like I have, and he’s been active his whole life as well.  We had some good chats about temple work.  Anyway, we went to an appointment that we had with an investigator to follow up on how his family had been working together to strengthen itself.  We entered and began to listen to his “wife” complain about how many bad things he’s done in the past and that he’s a liar and so on.  Finally, the assistant asked a question similar to “What is the key piece holding your relationship together?” She had to stop talking to think about that one.  She answered with her kids.  Then I asked her the key question that changed the entire tone which I am certain came from the Holy Ghost.  The question was “So, if your kids are the thing holding your relationship together, what would be best for them?  Separate yourselves, live together fighting, or get married and try to solve your relationship problems?” That quieted her down again and she gave the obvious answer.  Then, I told her that the atonement of Christ can absorb any and all pain in this life.  I testified of that, but also told her that she has to forgive her “husband” first and work to improve their lives and relationship.  That testimony sparked a warm spiritual fire that we all felt.  We all then had the exact same idea to discuss the divinity of forgiveness and that the eternal blessing of forgiveness is to FORGET, not just say that they’re forgiven.  It truly was a miracle, because it was the first success that we had with them.  They want to keep their commitments and we’ll be checking on them this week.

Also, the main bridge in San Ramon was closed to repair the awful speed bumps on either side since basically half of the cars that go over them scrape the bottom of the car on them.  Since it was closed, we walked on the main part and got an awesome picture of myself walking across in the dark.  I’ve attached it.

Walking across the bridge in the dark.

Also, never ever ever eat a Jungle Fruit Salad.  I will let you all imagine the reason why.

Other than that, there isn’t a whole lot else to report.  I’ve also attached a picture of what my studies included this week.  I studied baptism and how it is the gate to the Strait and Narrow, and then I just had to think about how we could continue on the path and what other gates there are that stop our progression to our Eternal Life that we can get.  I realized that, well, we need to get the priesthood, receive our own endowment, and then get sealed in the temple with our spouses.  Once we do that, we just need to endure to the end.  The picture also shows that we need to have the armor of God on to fend off the monsters.  I’ve made the whole thing with Minecraft references since I really kinda want to play Minecraft with Will, plus the armor in Minecraft has almost all of the parts of the armor of God and is super easy to draw.  Will should be able to see what kind of monsters are what.  I love studying, I really do.  Plus, I’ve already read all of Jesus the Christ.  Love love love that book,.

My study notebook – putting the armor of the Lord

Well, that’s it.  Hope all is still well at home.  Miss you all, but know that you’re in the right hands.  Talk to you next week!

PS Mom: the Christmas Skype call probably won’t be on Christmas Day.  I don’t have all of the details, but we will be getting them as we get closer.

Love ya!

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