Closing In on Six Months and Going Strong

This week I will complete six months in the mission.  Time is flying by so very fast and I can hardly believe that I am already a fourth of the way done with my dedicated service to the Lord.

(Also this keyboard is messing with my mind.  It is an English keyboard, but in Spanish mode…  Gah!)

This week I was sent to Lima for a training session for the trained.  Those that had finished the twelve weeks of training were sent to Lima for a nice session with the President.  I learned a ton from him and am super ready to hit the ground running.  It will be a hard adventure, but we’ll get things going.  On the way down to Lima, we had to chill in the bus at a standstill for about an hour due to the snow.  Apparently Peruvians aren’t used to driving with snow falling, so two gigantic trucks full of wood tipped over.  Pretty messy and it really, really really blocked up traffic.  I hope that no one was injured, but I couldn’t really tell what was going on.  The only bad thing that came out of going to Lima was that I came down with a cold due to the rapid climate and altitude changes, but I’m feeling much better now.  Just a really snotty nose.  However, the constant rain is making it super duper hard to get better since it makes everything so cold.

It has been raining a lot. I thought this cloud formation was really cool.

After the training, we also had divisions with some other missionaries from Lima to give us something to do during the afternoon.  Luck put me with Elder Bonner, the last companion of Elder Diaz.  It was super cool to be in the area that I had heard so much about from Elder Diaz.  One of the members decided to play a prank on me though, which was super funny, but made me really confused.  He was a “contact” that appeared drunk and really angry at the missionaries.  He’s a super cool guy though and we had a really nice chat after he let me in on the joke.  Elder Diaz misses that area because it was so warm and they could actually baptize a few people.  San Pedro area is pretty hard to convert people due to some serious backgrounds from the Catholics.  But, I’m not upset.  Just gotta keep trying.

Another rainy day! Elder Diaz and I are pretty soggy.

Yesterday I had a pretty powerful spiritual experience in which I gave a powerful talk on missionary work and why it is the responsibility of the members to share the gospel.  I went in without preparing nothing, and really felt the Spirit guide me as I taught.  I talked about Lehi’s dream of the Tree of Life, followed by a few promises in Doctrine and Covenants (man that is hard to spell after saying Doctrina y Convenios for so long) for those that are off to share the gospel in the name of the Lord, followed by a few personal experiences and then wrapped it up with Alma 5 and the really tough questions that are asked in that chapter and then one of the most powerful testimonies that I’ve given yet.  It was really powerful and I know that the Spirit took the messages to the hearts of those listening.

Now for your questions and comments on your letter.

I have not received your package as of yet, but should get it this week if we see the Zone Leaders.

I fixed my glasses. I had to use the tweezers to slowly pry out the old screw since the head broke off.  But, the glasses are fixed and I am using them more than the other pair.  Super light and comfortable.  I love the other pair, but this one is better.

We are getting a TON of sister missionaries in the next few transfers.  I’ve heard over 30 new sisters are coming in with more than half being from the States.  Absolutely crazy!

D & C 4 is amazing.  Especially the Faith, Hope, Charity and Love with an eye single to the glory of God part.  When we have Faith, we have Hope, then we have Charity, finally love for others and God, then we have the eye single to his Glory.  Faith and Hope have really just sunk in.  That section is also perfect advice for ANY calling that we have in the church, not just missionary work.

Elder Diaz and I are doing fine.  He’s learning Spanish little by little.  And that’s about it.  Love you all loads! Talk to you next week!

New futbol jerseys! I talked Elder Diaz into getting Netherlands jerseys to honor our family heritage!

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