I’m Off to Go to Lima to Train

I’m writing early today.  So, I got a call pretty late last night (well, 10:10 is pretty late for missionaries) from the President.  He told me that I had a new assignment, to train a new Elder! I have no idea who it is going to be, but it will be a new missionary that is just starting the mission.  So, today I’m headed off to Lima for the training meeting, to pick up my companion, and return to San Pedro de Cajas.  We leave at about 11:00 this morning, and should arrive in Lima at 6:00 or 7:00 tonight.  I’m looking forward to meeting my new comp.  I just hope that I can be a good example and teach him correctly.

Well, last week we had a pretty exciting P-Day.  We first grabbed some pictures as a district to remember our district since we knew that the next week were transfers.  Then my companion and I headed off to a town called Huagapo to check out a gigantic cave and waterfall.  I also got my very first picture with a llama! We got to head into the cave with a guide to help us get through all of the obstacles.  We headed in about 300 meters and saw some pretty cool rock forms.  There is a rock figure that our guide said that the Incans worshiped whenever they headed into the cave.  It appears like a virgin, and we all know that the Incans had the gospel at one point…  so it made me think of the Virgin Mary.

Elder Diaz and I went to Huagapo to check out a gigantic cave and waterfall for P-Day last week.

This photo is from inside the cave at Huagapo. A guide took us through.

My first llama photo op!

This week we also had our interviews with our President.  We had a great chat and he was pleased with my progress.  He was very impressed with my study journal and the effort that I put into it.  He also told me very sincerely that I was a blessing to him.  He said that there are really only two types of missionaries in the mission.  Those that are a worry, and those that are a blessing.  I am officially a “blessing” and it appears that that was a sign that I will be headed off to train!  Hermana Ardila also had a good chat with our Pensionista and got her to commit to coming to church again, so we’re pretty happy about that.

Our Zone went out as a group Junin on Friday and then in San Pedro de Cajas on Saturday to do some serious contacting — we called it un ataque.  We found a bunch of people to teach and hopefully some good stuff will come out of what we’ve done as a district.  It was pretty effective.  I was also with our Zone leader Elder Cifuentes and I learned a ton from him.  He is actually a pretty good guy once you get to know him and he teaches super duper well!

Me and Simon Bolivar, the conquerer of Junin!

Elder Diaz and me, Elder Montgomery and his companion in Junin.

I also spent some of the best ten soles that I have ever spent.  I bought a kilo of roasted peanuts that have been caramelized.  Sooo tasty.

Seriously the yummiest peanuts I have ever eaten.

Other than that, there isn’t really a whole lot to report.  It has been a pretty relaxed week and we haven’t really had much to do.

And now for comments from your letter…

Super crazy that Elder Durfey has been so sick! I really hope that he’s ok.  I think I’m going to send him a note sometime this transfer.  We can send letters to the other Lima missions and I think it would be cool to keep in touch with him like that.  And don’t worry, I drink a TON of water.  Next week I’ll send you a picture of all of the water bottles that we’ve had just in our room.  I love drinking water and I drink enough to stay sufficiently hydrated.

Amelia sure looks cute in her new braces! Hope that she gets used to them soon, because she’ll have them for quite a while.

Yes, the air here is really really clean.  Just smells like sheep poop, but I’m used to that now.  I’m sorry about the inversion at home, but I’ve got good air.

Well, until next week! Love you and talk to you soon!

They use the lawn of the chapel as a feeding ground for their Cui. They never ever cut it. They use their “hoz” or sickle to thrust with their might to bring life to their Cui.

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