Not a Ton of Things Going on in San Pedro De Cajas

Seriously.  Basically all of the activity in SPdC has come to a complete halt.  All of the kids are on vacation, because the schools are shut down.  Christmas is over and so is New Years, so there really isn’t anything going on at all.  All the festivals and other events seem to have stopped as well.  There’s really nothing going on in the town now, and it is rather boring.  I am learning a ton about everything, but there’s really just nothing to report.

Last P-Day we headed off to Junin, like always, but had a District P-Day.  There are some cool areas in our area to visit, but the other Elders weren’t interested to get going.  Instead, we bought a Chocotón, a Panetón that is all chocolate instead of fruit.  It was super tasty.  We also played a super long game of Risk.  I teamed up with Elder Montgomery’s companion and we destroyed him and Elder Diaz.  Super fun, but not too exciting.

We climb this hill a million times every week. Sometimes I like to preach to the whole town at one time.

This is “Mary’s” the little restaurant where our Pensionista serves our meals.

This is the one and only gas station in San Pedro de Cajas. It’s just a house with a big tank of gasoline.

This lamb answered the door for us at a member’s house.  We arrived for a little visit to chat for a bit, but when we knocked on the door, we heard someone say “Quien” which is who.  We answered three times that it was us, the missionaries, but it continued.  Then we realized that it was a little lamb.  It was super funny, but a bit embarrassing.

Elder Diaz holds the little lamb who answered the door when we visited a member. We had a good laugh about that one.

I also got a new hat and scarf from David.  Super smooth material and doesn’t bother me at all.  I think he said that it is 100% alpaca.

I bought a very nice Alpaca hat and scarf from our friend David, the weaver.

Well, that’s really it for the week from my end.  Sure do love hearing from each of you and hope that everything is going well.

As for your question mom, it is actually super interesting to think about areas that are just hallowed.  The one that always comes to mind is the Sacred Grove when I went with Grandma and Grandpa a few years ago.  I think that those that are spiritually tuned to the Spirit, or that have received the Gift of the Holy Ghost are just sensitive to those kind of places.  I imagine that they are due to events that have happened in the past, but the spirit that caused a transfiguration in that area just lingers.  As we learned in Conference, or were reminded, rather, we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience and not physical beings having a spiritual experience.  Some areas have such a powerful spirit and often touch our own spirits to keep us in line with our Spiritual lives.  I’ll have to think about this more and send you my thoughts further down the road.

I know this Gospel is true.  I have seen miracles in my mission already and I am just beginning.  I know the Lord blesses His missionaries and I know that what I’m doing is the right thing.  I love you all so much and always wish for your best.  Stay strong!

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