San Pedro de Cajas is Pretty Awesome

So, yes.  I have fallen in love with this area and with the people here.  It is really cool to hear about their stories, what they do for a living, and of course just chill with them.  The only problem with this is that no one really wants to accept the true gospel right now.  I try to make connections with them, but they are just too true to being Catholic.  It is rather unfortunate that they don’t listen to the Holy Ghost telling them the truth especially when I can feel the Spirit working through me.  Sure wish that they had a better appreciation for what is going on there.

First, I gotta say that it is pretty darn hard to climb up mountains every single day.  The altitude is pretty crazy and climbing 4-7 blocks almost straight up almost kills me.  I have attached a picture of my accomplishment of reaching the top.  And yes, I have the Dog Dazer (ultrasonic dog deterrent) attached to my pocket.  Sometimes there are mean dogs, but other times it is just fun to mess with the dogs.  They often turn their heads and tilt them at about a 30 degree angle and wonder where the sound is coming from.  Others just book it and get the heck out of there.  Super duper fun.

I climb a mountain every day!

Traveling is also a pain, literally.  Here is a picture of me sitting in the trunk with little room in a Toyota Corolla that is falling apart.  Getting to Tarma is a pain.  Luckily, it doesn’t hurt much anymore.

This is how I roll, now: crammed into the trunk of a falling apart Toyota Corolla.

Also, looms are pretty awesome.  We stopped by an inactive family, shared a good message about the scriptures, and then had them show us how the loom works.  Theirs is the smaller loom.  They are so freaking fast at putting together that ribbon! They also work for hours.  It is literally amazing to watch them put it together at such speed.

We visited this family and were amazed at their speed and skill at the loom.

I’m excited to know that Hermano David can make a tapestry of just about anything that we want.  They run from 300 to 1,000 soles and are top notch quality.  I think I want one of Captain Moroni or the Brother of Jared seeing the Finger of Christ.  Either that or Christ Himself.  Maybe I’ll just ask Grandma for those both for my Birthday this year.  I might need help deciding.  He said that the epic Captain Moroni would run for about 600 soles at the smallest size he could make while keeping a lot of the details.  I attached a picture of him putting together Jesus calling together the apostles.  Soooo cool.

This is Hermano David working on a tapestry of Christ as the Fisher of Men.

Also, we visited a Cui farm that an investigator runs.  Tons and tons of Cui getting fat to be eaten.  Sorry Whitney and Amelia, but all of the Cui that are in that picture (and more) are all going to be eaten.  Oh, and the Cui know it.  When you get close to pet them, they run away from you and hide together in a group.  Really kind of sad, but I guess they must taste good.

Poor little Cui! They’re all getting fattened up for somebody’s dinner!

Also, gotta thank Grandpa for the peanut butter in my Christmas package.  I am so grateful that I have peanut butter to eat in the room.  You don’t realize how much you miss the food that you love in the states until it is really gone.  The honey mustard is also really good with Maria’s broiled or rotary chicken.  Thanks for the mustard, too.

Small branches are hard to work with, but they really do love the gospel.  The old women have such powerful testimonies and give such personal prayers that it really touches my heart every time I listen to them give them.  However, the funny thing is that they all have to read the verses aloud in unison in Sunday School and all have to join in to the things that they are talking about, even if their opinion is exactly the same.  It is honestly super duper funny, but really sweet.

Now for answers to your questions:

My primitive conditions are pretty tolerable now.  Just hurts to shower…

Wish I could have seen and tasted that sourdough bread you mentioned.  The bread here is sooooo plain and boring.  I really miss the bread from home and even San Ramon.

Other than that, help me decide on a tapestry or two! I really want one and I need to put in the order before this transfer in case I leave (I don’t want to!).  David says that I can pay him when I go to receive the tapestries.

Well, that’s all that I have to report today.  Hope that everything is going well at home.  Love you all and talk to you next week.

Love you loads!

Elder David

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