Seven Months, a Baptism, and Mission Division!

That’s right everybody!  After ten weeks of working my butt off getting the branch off to a better start with assistance, we finally had a baptism.  We got little Andrea Amaya baptized.  She is 11 years old and her family is starting to reactivate themselves.  Now we just need to get some of these other people baptized that we’ve found, and things will be absolutely wonderful!

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Do You Believe in Magic?

Well, I sure do.  However, I believe in the logical explanation of magic.  Magic (or miracles in missionary terms) is when we can’t explain exactly what happened.  We know that everything is bound by laws, but we honestly don’t know all of the laws.  That is what is happening with my companion and me.  As we obey the counsel of the mission president, be obedient, and do all of the work that we possibly can, the Lord makes up for the rest and we find people put into our path that are really interested.

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The Hills are Alive with the Smell of Sheep Poop

Ack.   The internet just ate my email.   Here’s an abbreviated version of what I just wrote, and I’m really grateful that I learned how to type fast because I had to type this whole letter in less than 10 minutes.

I say that because the hills really are alive with the smell of sheep poop.  It has been raining so much that the smell is really, really strong.  I know that it is gross to read about, but think about how I feel walking around in it all day.

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