Really Awesome Update from Saint Peter of Boxes

When I saw that you were all going to the cabin, my heart ached a bit.  I miss the cabin and really really miss snow…  it is decently cold here, but there is basically no snow.  And if there is, it is gone in about five minutes….

This update is really lame because I haven’t taken any pictures this week because nothing has really happened that is picture-worthy.  For P-Day we watched Singles Ward and 17 Miracles as a district.  17 Miracles really made me think about the pioneer stories of my ancestors that I’ve read and made me cry a bit.  It is an excellent movie and really touched me.  I also thought that Singles Ward was so funny.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it and compare it to how the Church is run sometimes in Utah.  However, it is quite old.

This week has really been quite the powerful week for me.  I have really learned to focus on the needs of the investigators and really listen to what they are saying.  For example, we met a family yesterday that I contacted last transfer, but we never went to visit them.  This week I had the feeling to really get in contact with them and see how things were going.  After a few days and a few appointments falling through, we got in yesterday, after convincing their father that we weren’t weirdos and really just wanted to help their family.  We entered, and could instantly tell that they felt really weighed down by everything that they had been going through.  The mother asked us if we could talk to their two daughters that are between 16 and 18 about dating, and all of that good stuff.  However, their kids weren’t there.  But, when we heard that need, the Spirit instantly told us that we needed to teach the Plan of Salvation so that they could see the “big picture” and know why things can be so hard.  We talked about where we came from, and a handful of other things that go with that lesson, when my companion had the impression to pull out Matthew 11 where Christ is telling everyone to come unto Him and that they will find rest.  The father’s eyes lit right up since he had never been religious, and the mother actually teared up.  We finished the lesson with such a sweet Spirit filling the area.  We challenged them to baptism and they accepted.  We don’t quite have a date for them yet but that’s all right.  We’re meeting with them Thursday since Tuesday and Wednesday are both full of appointments.

We also met another girl, Neida this week.  Her parents investigated the Church forever ago, but never joined the Church.  We got the reference from the elders in Junin and decided to visit them.  The mother and father really want to be baptized because they received an answer that it was all true.  However, they aren’t legally married, so we have to wait until June.  But, their daughter, Neida really really wants to get baptized so we’re doing it next week.  She already knows that what we’re teaching her is true.  We felt to talk about repentance with her, and she came out and said that when she feels bad, she follows those exact steps.  It was so amazing and she is so ready.  She also wants to tell her teacher that she never wants to go to Mass again and will be receiving religious instruction from the Church.  Soooo crazy cool.

Then, we had district conference.  In the family session, I really felt some power coming from President Ardila as he talked about how we need to make our homes Holy Places:  Keep the homes clean, and create an atmosphere where the same Spirit from the temple can reside.  Then, during the general session, I really felt President Ardila burn with power again.  He pulled out Alma 11:17 or 17:11, can’t remember which, which talks about how if we are good examples in Christ (not just examples, nor good examples, but good examples in Christ) we can bring souls to God.  It was quite powerful and made me think:  what kind of example am I?

So, that’s some of the awesome things that happened this week.  Today we’re going to Huagapo as a Zone and this week we have two baptisms (I hope!).  I am so ready to keep moving.  So ready to just power through this area.  I feel like I have so little time left here, but I know that I’ve really strengthened the area and helped the Church here get on its feet again.

I got the box through Vanessa, everything was in it.  Those new razors are super nice.  And my hunch about the charger for my electric razor was right.  Just needed a new one and it works well.

Well, I miss you, too.  Mostly because you’re all at the cabin without me…  🙁  But that’s okay — I’m on the Lord’s errand.  Sure love you all!

Until next week.

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One Response to Really Awesome Update from Saint Peter of Boxes

  1. corina jachmann says:

    Hi David,

    It is so nice to read about your experieces on your mission. I can feel that you are close to the Lord and that you are having success and know the feelings of your investigators and the Lord helps you to know what to say and do for them. God bless you, David.

    We are doing well. I can’t believe it is already the middle of Feburary .
    The time really goes by fast. Seems like you just left yesterday and here it is over 6 months ago.

    We are kept busy. Siegfried is still involved with his atronomical hobbies and meetings. UncleGeorge is even going with him to the monthly meetings. George seems to have a interest in astrosomy and wants to buy a telescope this Spring. Right now it has been too cold for Siegfried to get out and doing any observing. I guess when you get older the boby doesn’t like to get too cold. I keep myselve busy volunteering at Alta View hospital and at the Senior Center in Sandy. I volunteer working the trift shop on Mondays. All the money we make goes to the center for activities at the center. I enjoy being with people so I keep busy with things outside of the home.

    My kids are all doing well well. Rob and Susan and their kids love their new home in Lehi. Rob really enjoys his job in Lehi being a computer programmer. Our son David and his wife called us last week and asked if we would like to come visit them in September for a baby blessing. We were really excited to hear that we were getting another grandchild. The baby is due the first of August. They have a boy who is 6 years old named Alex and a little girl named Isabelle. What is sad it that they live in Corona, California so we don’t get to see them too often. However we do get to see them on skype, so modern technology has made that a plus.

    David, we hope you will be blessed with those things you desire in your heart in righteousness. May the Lord continue to bless you. May you be safe and blessed to fine those children of our Heavenly Father that our waiting for the message and blessing the Lord has for them that you have to give to them. Have a nice day. Love you.

    Love, Aunt Ria and Uncle Siegfried

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