Seven Months, a Baptism, and Mission Division!

That’s right everybody!  After ten weeks of working my butt off getting the branch off to a better start with assistance, we finally had a baptism.  We got little Andrea Amaya baptized.  She is 11 years old and her family is starting to reactivate themselves.  Now we just need to get some of these other people baptized that we’ve found, and things will be absolutely wonderful!

The baptism service was super spiritual, but I was a little bit disappointed with Edith.  She said that if she thought that it was the right choice, she’d get baptized with Andrea.  She didn’t show up, so now we have to work with her some more until she gets baptized.  But that’s all right since we had a great service with Andrea.  I followed all of the points in Preach my Gospel for a baptism, and it was a phenomenal success with how powerful it was.

Getting it all ready was a bit of an adventure though . . .   We had the baptism at 12 PM on Saturday, but we had to get the water ready.  At 8 AM we thought, “Oh shoot, we need to get the font ready.  Didn’t they say something about how we can heat the water up?  Well, let’s go find David (our friend the weaver) to see if he can get it ready for us.”  When we showed up at David’s house, he told us that he’d show us how it works since he’s the only one that knows how to.  So, we headed to the Chapel to get things set up.  Little did we know the adventure that we’d have.  .  .

We started by filling the water and David said that it wasn’t filling fast enough for it to start heating up so we had to grab a hose and get water flowing in from another source.  So we did that, and it filled up super fast, but the water was super cold.  Oh, and we couldn’t get the stupid font door open so we could leave.   We had to climb out through the viewing area.  But then David grabbed a knife and slowly moved the door to open.   Okay: so font full, water still cold, and door open after about an hour.   After that, we spent ten minutes getting the pilot to light in the heater and then the water started heating up.   We then left to our room to prepare for the baptism so that the water could heat up with the nifty flowing system from the font to the heater and back to the font.  When we got to the baptism, the water looked warm.   But poor Elder Calle said it was still really cold when he entered the water to baptize Andrea.   I told him that it was probably a lot warmer than if we didn’t turn on the heater!  Gotta love Peru’s water system.

Andrea’s baptism on 23 February. We are standing in front of the (sticky) doors to the baptismal font.

For P-Day, we went to Huagapo again as a Zone, and it was all right.   Without some real hiking gear, it was a lot more boring than it was last time since I had seen everything that we could see inside.  It was an adventure for other missionaries, though.  We had some fun, but Elder Meager pointed out to me that there probably isn’t a lot of rock climbing in Peru as evidenced by how terribly they tied ropes and stuff in that Grotto.  I’ve attached a picture with my Uncle Elder Bogado at the farthest point we could go to.

Elder Bogado and me inside the cave at Huagapo.

We are getting ready to baptize weekly here in San Pedro de Cajas and we are really helping the branch leaders learn their duty.  I really am loving Manual 2.  It is actually pretty fun to study.   As I do that, I can help them out more.  It makes me miss my home ward, but it makes me appreciate quite a bit more the ward and experiences that I came from.  I am so excited that I get to get to work — I’m really falling in love with being a missionary.

Also the mission is dividing!  It’s not a huge surprise — they said that as soon as there was another stake in Huancayo, they were going to divide the mission.  Then, when a million more missionaries were getting ready to enter the field, we all thought, well here comes the division.  We’re splitting into two sections: Lima and Provincia (the outlying areas).  The Mission Peru Lima East is going to be just Lima and will be stealing a few stakes from other Lima missions.  The Mission Peru Huancayo will be all of Provincia that we currently have in Lima East.  I have no idea where I’ll be going, but I’d love to be in either mission! It is so exciting to know that the work of the Lord is progressing!  Nothing can stop it!

I know that nothing is impossible with God on our side.  We just have to have Faith, like it says in Ether 12:12.  That’s when the miracles happen!

I love being happy, especially as a missionary.  Oh, and a happy missionary is a busy missionary.

Well, I’m off!  We’re playing volleyball with some of the youth in the branch.  The Peruvians love their volleyball.

love, Elder VK

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