The Hills are Alive with the Smell of Sheep Poop

Ack.   The internet just ate my email.   Here’s an abbreviated version of what I just wrote, and I’m really grateful that I learned how to type fast because I had to type this whole letter in less than 10 minutes.

I say that because the hills really are alive with the smell of sheep poop.  It has been raining so much that the smell is really, really strong.  I know that it is gross to read about, but think about how I feel walking around in it all day.

Well, like I said last week, I had to head off to Lima to get started training my new companion, Elder Calle.  He is from Ecuador (the Coast) and is really quite prepared to get moving.  He has been a member his whole life and is the last of his family to leave for a mission.  His oldest brother is over 40 years old!  It is super fun to work with him as the Lord is helping us work miracles in this town.  It is pretty hard sometimes to keep moving, but we are finding people to teach and we’ve even got a few people with a baptism date now.  I am so excited to get baptizing here in March.

Me and my new comp — Elder Calle from Ecuador.

The training was pretty awesome.  I got some American food in the form of delicious donuts, fried chicken with french fries, and a  Meat Lovers Pizza Hut pizza! We also learned a ton from President Ardila and the training was a good review of all of the things I missed the first time — the day I left the CCM and the most terrifying day of my mission ever.  It is super cool that President Ardila has so much confidence in me.  I can really feel that he likes me, as he singled me out several times to just say hi and ask how things are going.  Things are going well.

Lots of learning at the new missionary training in Lima! Although, it was much better this time around because I actually understood what they were saying.

Well, that’s all there is to report.  We’ve got some good stuff going on and are totally ready to get to work.

Glad to hear that everything is well at home and church.  I’m really glad that you love Primary songs.  In our branch, they play Primary music as prelude and it brings tears to my eyes.  If you send me a new iPod for my birthday, I ONLY want music with Church themes.  They help me concentrate more than some of the other music that I have.  It would be excelent if you could fill it up with the official church accompaniments for both English and Spanish hymns and primary songs.  I love church music so much.

Well, that’s it for today.  I sure do love you all and hope that everything is going well.

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