I’m Off to Save the Princess

So this week I bought an epic Chullo.  It is a knit hat that looks like the hat that Link has from the Legend of Zelda.  However, it is blue — just my color.  I love it.  I can use the super tail as a scarf, or just walk around with it being super duper long.  I love it.  Oh, and it only cost twenty soles (about eight dollars) so it was totally worth it.  I’m going to use it a ton when I get home.

Modeling my epic “Link” (from The Legend of Zelda) Chullo. It’s a scarf and hat all rolled into one!

I attached a picture of us eating a standard breakfast at Mary’s.  It is a dish called Lomo.  It is basically fried potatoes with fried onions and tomatoes with a bit of chicken or beef, depending on what she has.  It is pretty tasty.  We had it with rice and bread with ham, even though I substituted the ham for my peanut butter and honey.  I love my peanut butter!

Elder Calle and I enjoy our Lomo.

We’ve also been decorating our room with pictures from the Liahona and a bunch of quotes from the prophets about missionary work.  I’ll send a few pictures of our work.  We need about a million more pictures since there is still a bunch of white space, but we’re working on it.

Missionary wallpaper.

This week, we had a pretty good time even though both of our baptisms fell through.  One of them was a girl named Nieda, who was totally excited for her baptism about a week ago.  When we showed up, she asked us if our baptism was required.  We told her that she should ask the Lord.  We also chatted for a while, and learned that she wanted to continue going to the Catholic church because she felt good going there.  We came back with Elder Hancock, our new zone leader to chat with her a bit, and she told him that she was not going to go Mormon.  So, it was a pretty sad outcome.  We had to drop her as an investigator.  However, I learned a lot.

Other than that, we’ve met some great families that we’re going to teach.  A handful of them already have answers to their prayers, so we need to make sure that we visit them each and every day these coming weeks to keep their excitement up.

Also, we learned more about the problems in the ward.  Our pensionista explained about some things, and we have a better idea of what is happening.  I think it would be good to talk to all the leaders in the branch and discuss conversion.  David A Bednar said that when the doctrine is truly understood, hearts change.  New members need to understand the WHY of the commandments and be taught the doctrine before they can change.  People can start obeying commandments, but when they don’t understand why, there is no reason for them to continue.  If the branch leaders can learn that and start teaching it, they will become amazing leaders.

Comments and Questions…

No, I have not yet received the packages.  I should receive them both pretty soon.  I asked my Zone Leaders if they had either of them, and they didn’t quite yet.  Sometimes it takes another week for the Suministros Secretary to send stuff, but I’m sure it is in the office.  I’m super excited for the Minute to Win It list.  It will be super fun to teach them to youth or others to show them that they can have fun with just random stuff.

I’m glad to hear that Dorothy likes the jerseys that I sent.  I will probably get a few more for myself and you guys, but I don’t know when I’ll send them.  I’m also glad to hear that Amelia likes the earrings I picked out in November.  It is so crazy that the package sat in the mission office for two months.  I’ll be sure to mark it better next time, but I’m glad Vanessa (the courier) went and looked around to find it.

Well, that is just about it for this week.  We have multi-zone conference next week, so I’m not sure when I’ll be online to write to you guys.  It will probably be at the same time, but we have to go to La Merced, so I’m not sure.  Perhaps I’ll be able to spend a few hours in San Ramon! I’m excited.

Anyway,  love you all a ton and hope that you are doing well.  It is always good to hear from you.

Until next week!

Elder Van Komen

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