One Week Down at about 4,600 Meters of Altitude!

Well, it has been quite the week.  I’ve been chilling at a crazy altitude and even though we haven’t had much success this week, I am still excited.  The only real change I notice is a bit of a headache now and then, but I think San Pedro prepared me to be this high up.  I really am loving this area and am having a great time with my new companion, Elder Cifuentes.  Also, Elder Diaz, my old companion, is in my district and Elder Montgomery is our Zone Leader, so we have an Old District reunion here in Cerro.

We are in the very central part of Cerro de Pasco and don’t really have a lot of houses to work with.  We have the huge market (which is full of knock-off stuff, animal heads to buy, and some really rank herbs to use for medicine), the main plaza, and some old abandoned areas.  It is pretty hard to find people to teach, but I’m excited and ready to get moving and a groovin’ here in Cerro.  We’ve also got a small town right next to Junín in our area, so we’ll be going down there a few times a week.  Our pensionista is pretty nice.   Her house is REALLY far away from our room, so we walk like crazy every morning.  The food is really similar to what we ate in San Pedro and La Merced.  I can’t remember the pensionista’s name, but she is really nice and lives in really humble circumstances — I’ll get her name learned this week.

Last P-Day was pretty cool.  As we were looking for the other missionaries, we ran into the highest cemetery on Earth!  Or, that’s at least what the sign says.  It also says that it is the closest place on earth to heaven, which I don’t know about but it’s still pretty cool.  Got a picture of myself and also Elder Diaz and Elder Cifuentes at that cemetery.  After that we made some hotdogs and hung out with the Zone.

We stumbled upon the "highest cemetery in the world."

Tuesday we had our standard District Meeting (my first in Cerro and as District Leader) and things went really well.  I taught about setting goals and as we do them with our eyes single to God’s glory, we can accomplish miracles.  I’ve got a companionship of sisters — Parra and Delgado —  in our district and another companionship, so we’re doing well.

In other news, we had Stake Conference so I have no idea about how the ward is like since we all went to the Stake Center.   The Stake President here is 32 years old and REALLY knows his stuff.   We also had interviews with President Ardila and room inspections.   I passed both of them.   I put some goals with Presidente to be more obedient and look for a ton of new investigators, so things are well.   In conference, President Ardila talked about how the members need to watch out for us (the missionaries) and got really teary when he said that this was his last Stake Conference in Cerro de Pasco since the mission is dividing.  It was really sweet.

This week, we have another missionary conference, but this time in Huanaco (where the new mission will be) and with an Area Seventy.   So, this week we’ll be heading over there.

Should be really cool.   Other than that, there really isn’t much to report.   I am sending a picture of myself with a cui (guinea pig) from Junín a few weeks ago.  I’m off now — the Zone Leaders have a “surprise” P-day planned for us.

Here I am with my favorite cui back in San Pedro. I think he's pretty cute.

love you loads,  Elder VK

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