They Tried to Kill Me with Sheep Tongue This Week

So, first things first…  Sheep tongue is really, really gross.  Sunday, a member took us to a restaurant since she didn’t have anything at her home to feed us after church.  We had some pretty tasty chicken like Hna Maria did back in San Pedro, but it wasn’t nearly as good as I Hma Maria’s — she is just an awesome cook.  Anyway… to start with, they gave us some soup that was unlike any soup that I have ever had anywhere, even in Peru.  In MY soup was a gigantic piece of meat that looked really bizarre… I asked our server what it was, and she told me that it was sheep tongue!  Turns out that the soup is called Caldo de Cordero — basically a soup where they take every part of a sheep’s head and throw it into a soup.  So tasty! (Except I didn’t eat much of it at all.)

This is Elder Cifuente’s and my apartment in Cerro de Pasco. Sometimes you can have an oxygen tank up here, but neither of us need it.

The chapel in Carhuamayo.

In other news, it has been a pretty fun week.  We went to one of the little towns in our area called Carhuamayo.  It feels like a mix of San Pedro and Junin, so I felt right at home.  There is a member there that runs a Pachamanca restaurant and gives free food to the missionaries when we come down, so I had some really tasty Pachamanca a couple of times while we were there.  I really love that town — it’s much prettier than here in Cerro, but they don’t have an open-pit silver mine in the middle of the city.

Tasty, tasty Pachamanca. A member in Carhuamayo owns a restaurant and likes to feed the missionaries.

Get that Pachamanca into my belly!

For P-Day last week, the Zone played some games with balloons.  We played soccer with them:  we had to keep the balloon in the air with just our hands and get it to the Sister on our team who would then pop it and we’d score some points.  Then we played “Mario Cart Battle Mode” where we tied balloons to out feet and then ran around trying to pop those that weren’t on our team.  It was a BLAST and we all got so tired due to the thin atmosphere.

Other than that, my only big news is that Elder Cifuentes fainted yesterday…   He was pulling a blanket from our room and just fell to the floor.  He has no memory of what happened.  It lasted for about three seconds and he’s fine now.  It was a little worrying, but he’s all right today.

Other than that, there isn’t really much.  We’re teaching some families…  We’re enjoying ourselves…  And I’m learning a lot from being District Leader.  I know things are going well here.

To answer your question, I’m not having problems with my missionary debit card.  I just pulled out some more money since it is pretty hard to pull out money in my area.   Plus, I sometimes need a little more than the allotted 87soles ($33) a month.  I probably won’t pull out any more money for quite a while.

As for my “birthday box” — I’m super on shoes.  Maybe a new pair of Ecco “nicer” shoes. My boots will probably last me my whole mission (if you could send me some new laces… they’ve worn out…) since I rotate them with my other shoes.  Don’t worry about smaller pants. With a belt I’m pretty happy.  They’re really comfy baggy.  Something that I would love in my birthday box is a really nice notebook, smaller than a regular notebook but with a hard backing with some pockets to put papers in.  This would be to keep notes about the mission and about other things that I’m thinking about.  Other than that, there isn’t a whole lot that I need or want.

Well, thanks for everything family!  I sure do love hearing about how things are going and will talk to you all next week!  Stay safe!  I’m off to have an adventure!

Elder VK

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