Almost a True Missionary! Approaching 12 Months!

Hello, Family!

I’m Zone Leader C today since our ZLs are off to Lima.  We’ve got P-day plans to go to a members house (that cool older lady I mentioned a few weeks ago) and make “Merican Hamburgers” and caramel popcorn for Memorial Day.  And I’m hoping the ZLs bring back that box for me!

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Mary Had a Little Lamb

This has been a working week in my area.  We have found quite a few new people to teach (well, when you compare finding seven this week to about two from the week before, that’s a lot of new people to really think about).  Two of our people are actually progressing, which is awesome news for us as missionaries.  This area is pretty hard, and there are days when I don’t really want to go out and do work, but as you all know that’s just something that missionaries just have to suck up and do.  Helping people has really helped me see the vision of the area, and I have needed that as District Leader.  We can and will do a lot of good here!

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