Almost a True Missionary! Approaching 12 Months!

Hello, Family!

I’m Zone Leader C today since our ZLs are off to Lima.  We’ve got P-day plans to go to a members house (that cool older lady I mentioned a few weeks ago) and make “Merican Hamburgers” and caramel popcorn for Memorial Day.  And I’m hoping the ZLs bring back that box for me!

Church can be so funny sometimes.  I’m really learning to appreciate the slower-paced culture.  Everything seems to take forever — after everything like announcements, sustainings, final comments before the prayer, final comments after the prayer, etc. everyone says “Y todo esto lo dejo en el bendito nombre del Señor Jesucristo, Amén.”  I guess it means everyone is listening, right?

Well, it has been quite the adventure these last 10 months.  I can hardly believe that things have gone so far and so fast!  Being in a Third World part of a country, training, and really getting to work has made the time go by so dang fast.  I looked at the calendar and noticed that my birthday is next week.  I have a hard time believing that. But, time just keeps marching on.

This week has really been a trial of my faith, as we can read in Ether 12.  We have had so little success with people here that it makes me a little sad.  For example, we were teaching twin sisters.  They were really quite excited and one of them knows for sure that the gospel is true.  But, we found out that both of them would rather be with her friends in a church that was created by college kids for college kids. I have no idea what the name of the church is, but it is super close to the huge university in San Juan.  It was really quite sad when I heard that, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

In more positive news, we have found two young adults that are SUPER excited and are now preparing for their baptism.  One is a young woman that’s about 18.  When we taught the Plan of Salvation (like we were supposed to, with all our hearts) she almost started crying when we reached our explanation of the Atonement of Jesus Christ — we taught that part so well 🙂 — because she really felt the Spirit testify to her of the truth.  We were so happy for her when she committed to a baptism in two weeks.  The other young adult is a 19 year old young man that is really searching for the truth that the Gospel brings.  We taught him about the Restoration and he was SUPER interested. He too is preparing for a baptism.

Other than that, there isn’t too much to report. I’m loving the work and am really excited to keep moving along. It sure is an adventure and these last 14-ish months will be fantastic and full of even more adventure.  I can’t wait to see if I get sent to Mission Peru Huancayo or Peru Lima East, but I know that it will be where the Lord wants me!

Well, until next time, I’m off to have an adventure!

Elder VK

This is our apartment owners dog whose real name is Doggy. He LOVES to play with plastic bottles and really old volleyballs. He also knows English — when I tell him “up” while holding a ball, he gets on his hind legs and jumps for it. I can also tell him “down” and he lays down. He’s a good dog and makes me miss Zoe.

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