Mary Had a Little Lamb

This has been a working week in my area.  We have found quite a few new people to teach (well, when you compare finding seven this week to about two from the week before, that’s a lot of new people to really think about).  Two of our people are actually progressing, which is awesome news for us as missionaries.  This area is pretty hard, and there are days when I don’t really want to go out and do work, but as you all know that’s just something that missionaries just have to suck up and do.  Helping people has really helped me see the vision of the area, and I have needed that as District Leader.  We can and will do a lot of good here!

This picture is at a branch activity in Carhuamayo to celebrate their anniversary as a branch. We are eating Pachamanca.

My new discovery is that I really don’t like standing up in a crappy old bus for 45 minutes.  We were returning from a visit in Carhuamayo to support the branch with their activity and to teach a really nice family, and we had to get back to Cerro de Pasco.  We waited about 15 minutes for a bus to come, and we felt lucky when we saw a bus that normally is pretty nice.  We waited while about 50 people got out, and I thought that we were going to have a nice seat and I could take a little nap with the 45 minute bus ride.  Well, when we got on the bus, we were shoved in a big group of people and had to stand with a bunch of “Cholos” (a kinda derogatory word for the rural townspeople in Provencia). There were tons of people standing in the bus and they would NOT let us leave.  So, I stood in a bus surrounded by smelly people trying to not to be sick from the smell and heat and standing and motion.  Oh Peru. I love you so.

Overlook of our Area in Cerro De Pasco. There is a street that divides the area in half so we share it with the Zone Leaders.

Well, Elder Montgomery and Elder Udall made me feel good by saying that I gave one of the most powerful talks in church.  They said that they could feel the spirit so strongly because I did it with love.  I talked about how it was the duty of the members to build the kingdom of God here in Cerro de Pasco.  I used two of my four favorite primary songs. One that starts with “there are children singing all around the world” (building the kingdom) and with that talked about how WE have to be those children, especially since the Lord talks about us as Little Children.  Then I finished with “If the Savior Stood Beside Me” and the Spirit just fell in the room and testified about how that is how it needs to be.

Well, it has been a hard week, but a really good one.  I’m excited to get to work again with Elder Nuñez and I know that we can do a ton of good things here in Cerro de Pasco.  I love the Lord and His work and I can feel His approval on my really good days.  Now I just need to make them all good days and get to work.

Love you all and have a great week.  Thanks for all of the letters and pictures!

The branch president told us this little lamb was born that morning. So cute.

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