Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

First and foremost, every time I try to send pictures, the computer freezes, so I’ll just try to send pictures next week.  Hope that there’s no problem then!

So, Friday, I got really sick.  I have no idea why.  I didn’t eat or drink anything weird, I just got really quite sick — that’s why the title of this week is what it is.  It has really been terrible waking up several times during the night.  The worst part, though, is that Elder Cifuentes and I were both sick during the same time and it was his birthday on Saturday, and he was sick the whole day.  However, the Zone Leaders are supposed to buy him a cake today because Presidente Ardila called him on his birthday and told him so.  I’m pretty excited for that.

Well in other news, not much has really happened.  The Sisters in my district had two baptisms, but they had special interviews so I didn’t have to interview them. They were not the candidates from last week, unfortunately.

We’re getting some work done, but it has been a pretty hard week — especially with both of us not feeling well.  Hopefully I can really show my faith and get out and find some new people to teach that will actually progress.  I just hope that the fiestas don’t get in our way this month… May is known in most of Province as the month that you don’t get much done.  But, we are going to change that!  (However, July is worse in Lima.  So… if I get sent to Lima when the mission splits and I finish the mission there, I will have to contend with a crazy amount of fiestas there.  Good practice, I guess.)

Sunday was a pretty cool day.  We had a Stake Attack on the less actives in our ward.  The stake got together with our ward and we were all given a street to go and visit the less actives.  The main purpose was to bring them back to the church and also to update our records, and it was just fun to have over 30 different pairs of members in our ward visiting less actives and handing us references.  It was cool to have divisions with a member.  We hiked really really really high up in our area.  It is the part of the city that is JUST about to leave Cerro de Pasco.  It was honestly really crazy.  We only had one hour though, and most of our time was just getting there, so we didn’t have a ton of success, but it was still fun and I felt like I got to know more members and see more of the city.

The weather has been decent during the day, but it gets pretty cold at night.  And we’ve been getting to know our Pensionista.   Sarita is her real name (Little Sarah) and she is a single mom.  She lives in a tiny house with her two daughters and really loves having us over as pension.  She makes homemade gelatin and sells it for a living. She does pretty well, but her house smells awful when she is boiling the bones of animals to get the gelatin out.

Well, Grandpa wanted to know about some of my responsibilities as a District Leader.   I have to report all of the Key Indicators to our Zone Leaders each Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.  These numbers include new investigators, families that the district has trained, number of people we’ve contacted, lessons that we’ve taught, and other various indicators that can lead to baptism.  I also teach in our District Meeting and try to help each of the missionaries in my district with various problems that they might have as a companionship or with investigators.  I also interview candidates for baptism a few days before the baptism.

I know it’s Mother’s Day this week.  I’ll call, but it will probably be Saturday night.  We can choose Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Skype isn’t a good option out here in the Provinces, so I’ll call.

I got Grandma’s and Grandpa’s letters and the rest of the family’s, but today I don’t have time to respond to them since the computer kept freezing up! I sure do love you all and hope that you have a fantastic week!

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