What a Week

Well, it has been a week — a pretty sad, really happy, kinda sick, week.

I’m not sick any more.  The pills the office Elder told me to take did the trick.

The saddest part was that Elder Cifuentes was transferred on Monday to Huancavelica (or however the Peruvians spell that name) and he really didn’t want to leave.  I really developed a love for him, even though he and I are really different from each other. We had a good time together, and it was sad to see him go.

Elder Cifuentes and I posed for a picture before he hopped on the bus.

We posed as a district before most of them left for new assignments.

However, I got a new companion this week.  His name is Elder Nuñez from La Serena, Chile.  He is a pretty great companion and is brand new. He’s 24 years old, and a convert with four years.  He has a college degree in engineering.  I’m going to finish his training this transfer, so it will be fun.  I love training.  We get an extra hour to study, so it’s cool.  It’s fun to really study.  We have some plans to activate many of the over-1000 members in our ward and get some baptisms and investigators from them, so we’ll have a good time.

This is my new companion, Elder Nunez.

This statue stands in the town square. It’s a doctor with a huge syringe. I think his name is Daniel Alcides Carrión.

We’ve been meeting with a handful of families this week to help them understand their part in sharing the gospel.  It is quite fun to just talk to families.  There was one old woman that we visited that has been a member for over 30 years.  She gave pension to the missionaries and even had them living in her house for a very long time.  She is about 71 years-old and really loves the gospel.  She is just a bit too old and sick to keep giving pension to the missionaries, but she ALWAYS welcomes us in and gives us something nice to eat.  I really love meeting with members that love the missionaries.

Well, there’s really nothing much else to say in this email since I told the family so much in my last call for Mother’s Day.  I love the work and I love being a missionary. Here’s to the next 14-ish months in the mission! So excited for what is coming!

love, Elder VK

I think this Cup o’ Noodles which I found at the neighborhood store helped my recovery!

From Mom:  here are some things we learned from our phone call on Saturday night:

  • Sarah (the pensionista) lives in a two room house with dirt floors with her two daughters, Katy and Jacqueline.  She makes cups of a caramel flavored gelatin for a living, and starts with animal bones which she boils for two days.
  • Peruvians do not, as a rule, shout.  When there are feral dogs approaching, the North American Elders yell at them and the dogs scramble because they are so surprised.  In ward or branch activities, it is always the responsibility of the North Americans to raise their voice to get everyone’s attention.
  • David is getting really good at throwing rocks at dogs to get them to leave him alone.
  • The apartment in Cerro is small and dark, but they keep it clean and comfortable.
  • David has no sense of direction.  We asked which way they go to get to the other towns and he had no idea.  He could say that it is about 45 minutes by bus to Carhuamayo and costs about 3 soles ($1.15) in fare.
  • He has lost a LOT of weight.  He reports that he is on belt number 2, and is three notches in.
  • David has become an avid futbol fan.
  • He still has no idea if he will stay in the Peru Lima East Mission or be moved to the new Huancayo Mission in July.
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