Hello from the Mission Peru Huancayo

That’s right! As I suspected, I ended up in the Mission Perú Huancayo! I got a phone call on Tuesday night informing me that I would be headed off to Huancayo in the morning, and boy was I excited. I am rather sad to leave behind Elder Nuñez, but I know that it was time for a change. I was tired of being tired all the time in Cerro de Pasco — that is not a healthy city. So, I headed off to Huancayo via a bus that was headed off to Lima  and got off in La Oroya to meet with one of the zone leaders of Tarma so he could put me in a really uncomfortable car (seriously, three elders with 2-3 huge suitcases each!) and I headed off to Huancayo. When I got to Huancayo, there was a really nice reunion with me, Elder Cifuentes, and a handful of other elders that I know. Then, we headed off to my area, Chilca, Huancayo where I am District Leader over Pampas and Florida (two elder and two hermana companionships). I’m super excited for my new assignment and am anxiously awaiting what the Lord has in store for me.

Elder Gallardo and I traveled by bus together to La Oroyo

Last Monday, to celebrate our final times together, Elder Nuñez and I decided to make a Chilean dish that I really love: Completos. It is basically a hotdog but with a TON of bread, tomato, guacamole, and mustard and mayonnaise to taste. It was really good and Hna Sarita’s little daughters were really happy to try a new dish from another country. Then, little Katy gave an entire rundown on Joseph Smith’s Testimony from memory. It was seriously impressive. So, we finished up the transfer on a high note and I really had fun.  It was sad to leave a really fun companion.

I really enjoyed the Completos we made.

Anyway, my new companion is named Elder Daniel Torres from Honduras, and he says “hi” to everyone reading this letter. He was born in the church. He’s really fun to be with and he loves to work. He’s also super funny and reminds me a lot of the companionship that I had with Elder Espinoza. The ZL’s are Elder Bonner from the States (Minnesota) and Elder Pedula from Guatemala. Elder Torres actually had a baptism lined up for us on Saturday. A really nice young man named Diego was baptized. A good number of his friends are members of the Church, and he really wanted to join after going with them to seminary. So, Elder Chapman (who left as I arrived) and Elder Torres taught him the lessons, and we baptized him right when I arrived. Everyone says that my area is a Gold Mine and that all of the young adults are super anxious to help us out, so I’m optimistic that we will be having quite a few baptisms in this area. We have one lined up for this Saturday, another Diego.

Diego’s baptism

My new apartment is on the second floor which is cool. My Pensionista, according to everyone, is the best pension in the entire mission. She’s called Mami Pachis. She’s awesome. She’s been doing this for the last 15-ish years and really takes care of her missionaries. She also knows how to cook really good hamburgers, tacos, and Macaroni & Cheese (already had the mac and cheese, and it was really good). It really helps that there’s a Metro a block from her house. Metro is a Chilean super market and they have just about anything that a Gringo would need to get his fixing of Gringo Stuff: Pringles, Mac & Cheese, Chips Ahoy, and every Coca-Cola brand soda we offer in the states (this was the first time I saw a Diet Coke in Peru — not that I have suddenly started drinking soda, but it’s fun to see American brands). I’m going to be a happy boy in my area.

This picture is from our apartment window. It was a huge parade of school children. It wasn’t much, just nice to see someone excited about something.

President Ardila came for a really nice “Goodbye Conference.”  He really does love his missionaries, and so does his wife.  He views us as his children.  Oh, and about that huge broadcast last night: I saw the whole thing in Spanish. It was sooooo awesome and super cool to hear the apostles addressing us, the missionaries and the leaders in the wards that we serve in. (You can read about the broadcast here.)

Anyway, that’s about it. Loving the work and am super excited to get moving and a grooving here in Huancayo. We meet the new mission president of the new mission next Saturday at a huge celebration the members have planned, and that should be great.

I’m off to have an adventure! Love you all!


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