Onward and Upward

Well, this week has been rather disappointing. We lost our “fijo” (certain) baptism which made us really sad.  Her mother has been telling her lies about the church, and now she’s afraid. We worked really hard to show the mother what a positive change this could be, and spent some time with her and the scriptures, but nothing. Her heart is hard right now.  The worst part of that, though, was that my companion lost his Book of Mormon cover in her house which held 50 soles, some pictures of his family, his very first Triple combination, and some other things that he can’t remember.  Last  Wednesday was a really really crappy day.

Sarita wearing the apron Mom sent. She won’t wear it because she wants it to stay nice, and only put it on for this picture. Her daughters are Yaquiline and Katerine.

We had a pretty fun activity on Saturday to activate some members and bring some investigators.  We had a movie night and watched “17 Miracles.” Yes, the audience was left crying during the super sad parts. We served popcorn and Inca Cola and then the bishopric served a small dinner to everyone to celebrate Father’s Day. It was a fantastic activity.  Even though we started pretty late waiting for the stake projector, it turned out all right.

This poor doggy really, really wanted us to let him in out of the cold.

You asked if it was Father’s Day here, and it was.  It is basically like Mother’s Day, but with more drinking since it is for the men. Seriously. There were so many drunk people last night. I was rather afraid to walk home, but we made it safely!

We broke one of the window panes out of our door while cleaning last week. It’s actually okay — the fresh air is kind of nice. (It only gets down to about 30 degrees at night!)

One of the American Elders in my Zone finished his mission last week and went home, but had a rather frightening trip. The bus that he was taking from here to Lima got in a huge accident that killed seven people.  Pte. Ardilla wrote about it in his email today and said that the missionary was saved by a miracle because the Lord protects His servants — the Elder was sitting next to one of the passengers who died.  I feel so sad for the families of the people who died and were hurt, but so grateful my friend is okay.  He was on the news and EVERYBODY, even non-members, was asking us about him. He was mostly unharmed, but he was a little burned on his face and in a few other areas. The worst part is that he lost ALL of his stuff, but at least he was unharmed.  He was a great missionary and I’ll miss him quite a bit.

Well, that’s basically it. Nothing else to report. I’m doing fine, just have a little cold this week — Elder Nunez says I sound like I’m coughing up a lung in my sleep, but I think he exaggerates.   We’ll find out about transfers for the new mission tomorrow, but I’m fairly certain that I’ll be staying in Huancayo.  I asked the Lord which mission he was going to send me to, and I just have the feeling that I’m supposed to stay and help the members in this little corner of Zion.  Then again, I’ll go where He wants me to go — so if I’m Lima bound that’s cool, too.

Well, love you loads and have a great week! Until next time! I’m off to have an adventure!

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