That’s right everyone, I am officially a missionary in the mission Perú Huancayo! It is a historic day indeed and I feel pretty special to be in one of the new 58 missions around the world. It is going to be quite the year setting up new traditions and seeing how we’re going to make the mission work. There’s tons to do and I’m super excited to get going.

This week was a pretty great week. My companion and I had a super time with the young men and women in our ward in training them and having them come out with us. Every single one of them wants to go on the mission, so I’m really helping them get a HUGE head start. I figure that since I’m a district leader with a district of missionaries, I’d be their district leader to help them get a feel for the mission and get really good at teaching and all that jazz. The Lord really is raising up a new generation of missionaries and I feel like I need to help Him with that especially after all of my experience in some really tough areas. Some of the young men have already had some cool experiences. Jesús and Diego (yes, the Diego that got baptized last week!) were heading to a little meeting that we were all going to have together when Diego had the thought and feeling to go visit a young man named Michael. They went to visit his house and found his mother and sister leaving. They asked to enter and went in to talk a bit. Then, the whole family asked for a message thinking that they were us! Well, Jesús DID have his tie… So Jesús shared from Alma 37, a chapter that I told him to read, and the Spirit guided them both to give the family exactly what they needed. Micheal is a member, but the rest of the family isn’t. Now we have an appointment with the whole family on Thursday and we’re going to teach the Restoration. They also want to be baptized. Just another piece of proof that the Lord is preparing people and preparing people to help them. I have a pretty big testimony of this work.

The celebration for President Henderson’s big welcome was pretty awesome. We filled about half of the huge stadium here and there were tons of people. It actually surprised them that the members wanted to welcome them! Unfortunately due to some miscommunication, missionaries were unable to stay the whole time and we had to interrupt the program by asking for references — it was a little confusing for us missionaries. I was happy to see one dance — it was the young men and women of our ward performing the dance that they put together, and it beat all of the other dances in the entire stake, so it was important to them! It was really disappointing to not stay, but the members had a great time.

Here is me and a bunch of random missionaries at our delicious, but little, lunch in one of the most expensive restaurants in Huancayo. President Ardila took this picture because the lunch was part of our Goodbye to PLE.

This is a good chunk of our zone with the required Peruvian Funny Face.


I got your latest box. I love it to death, as usual. Those red hots make me miss cinnamon!  And the maple syrup was AWESOME.

Your box arrived, and that maple syrup was so delicious! This huge plate of pancakes was the best breakfast I’ve had in eleven months!

Anyway, it has been a good week. We didn’t baptize anyone like I thought, but we have a few lined up this week that are super awesome. (Seriously, one that just walked up to us and said that he wanted to be baptized this week.) It is going to be a good week. Love this work and I am so glad that the Lord is blessing me after harder days in Cerro de Pasco and San Pedro de Cajas.

Well, I’m off to have an adventure!


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