Earthquakes are Awesome

So Thursday night, at around 11:00 local time, there was a decent earthquake in Huancayo! I felt the whole thing since I couldn’t quite get to sleep after thinking forever. The earthquake shook my bed, the clothes thingy (what on earth is Ropero in English…?), and I could hear the windows shake hard core. It was awesome, but it shocked me. I proceeded to talk about it with my companion, but he barely even felt it due to being in active Pisco his whole life. Elder Ortega (the Argentinian in my district) thought that the earthquake was a ghost shaking his bed. Yes, there are weird stories that run through the mission.

Getting ready in the morning.

Getting ready in the morning.

We also had a crazy hail storm that caught us by surprise. Luckily we had dashed back to our room to grab some stuff when it happened. We would have been pounded to death. It was my companion’s first time in a hail storm. It has also rained pretty hard some days here. We’ve had some thunder and lightning. And it has also been so sunny that I’ve gotten some sunburns! Crazy weather!

We had a multi-zone conference this week, and it was pretty awesome. We talked a lot about how things were going in the mission, how we could be better missionaries, and tons of other things. We also did a lot of practicing and talking. It was good seeing a lot of other missionaries. According to the mission website, I’m pretty popular in the camera!

Other than that, things are really looking up in the area. The ward, after five months of coaching, is having ward council each week before church to talk about people and their needs, which is really exciting. We no longer have 45 minute conversations about how they’re going to spend ward funds on refreshments at a ward activity. They are giving us families to visit and activate, and they are working really hard. It has been a long process, but I’m so happy to see them catching the vision, and of course the Lord is teaching them well. The South America North-West area had a training broadcast for the wards and taught the whole area how to do ward council meetings so that they are worthwhile.

They start them young in Peru!

They start them young in Peru!

Yesterday in Gospel Principles, we talked about family duties (for parents). The teacher asked us missionaries to share some experiences and thoughts about how our parents raised us. I shared a lot of the traditions (that I miss) that we’ve done a lot as a family, I talked about things that my parents had taught me, and lots of other things. It was really nice thinking about the family and remembering all of the wonderful things that you have all taught me. I was a very lucky boy to be raised in such a great family.

Anyway, that’s it for the week. We’ve had fun and we’re continuing to have some great adventures. Hope you all have your own adventures this week and enjoy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday here, so I’ll have to see how I celebrate it. Anyway, I’m off to have an adventure!

With many llamas,


My box arrived! I think Vanessa combined your two packages, but I did my best to only look at the things on the "open now" list and I've boxed up everything else for Christmas. Thank you!

My box arrived! I think Vanessa combined your two packages, but I did my best to only look at the things on the “open now” list and I’ve boxed up everything else for Christmas. Thank you!

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