Almost a True Missionary! Approaching 12 Months!

Hello, Family!

I’m Zone Leader C today since our ZLs are off to Lima.  We’ve got P-day plans to go to a members house (that cool older lady I mentioned a few weeks ago) and make “Merican Hamburgers” and caramel popcorn for Memorial Day.  And I’m hoping the ZLs bring back that box for me!

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They Tried to Kill Me with Sheep Tongue This Week

So, first things first…  Sheep tongue is really, really gross.  Sunday, a member took us to a restaurant since she didn’t have anything at her home to feed us after church.  We had some pretty tasty chicken like Hna Maria did back in San Pedro, but it wasn’t nearly as good as I Hma Maria’s — she is just an awesome cook.  Anyway… to start with, they gave us some soup that was unlike any soup that I have ever had anywhere, even in Peru.  In MY soup was a gigantic piece of meat that looked really bizarre… I asked our server what it was, and she told me that it was sheep tongue!  Turns out that the soup is called Caldo de Cordero — basically a soup where they take every part of a sheep’s head and throw it into a soup.  So tasty! (Except I didn’t eat much of it at all.)

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Hello from the Newest DL in SPdC

Sorry to be so late in writing today!  We’re in Tarma, and had trouble pulling out our monthly money at the ATM.  The mission debit cards wouldn’t work, so I took out quite a bit from my personal checking account — 200 Soles which is like $75.  I hope they have it fixed soon.  And then we got here, and the mouse on the computer didn’t work.  But, it is all good now.

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