Jauja, Peru’s Ancient Capital

We had transfers last week. I am in Jauja. I am in a decent sized town that used to be the capital of Peru. Well, that was years and years ago. The city hasn’t grown very much, but it is pretty nice. It seems to be a grown up version of San Pedro de Cajas, where I entered just about a year ago. It is a nice city, and I’m enjoying the fresh air.

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Hello from the Mission Peru Huancayo

That’s right! As I suspected, I ended up in the Mission Perú Huancayo! I got a phone call on Tuesday night informing me that I would be headed off to Huancayo in the morning, and boy was I excited. I am rather sad to leave behind Elder Nuñez, but I know that it was time for a change. I was tired of being tired all the time in Cerro de Pasco — that is not a healthy city. So, I headed off to Huancayo via a bus that was headed off to Lima  and got off in La Oroya to meet with one of the zone leaders of Tarma so he could put me in a really uncomfortable car (seriously, three elders with 2-3 huge suitcases each!) and I headed off to Huancayo. When I got to Huancayo, there was a really nice reunion with me, Elder Cifuentes, and a handful of other elders that I know. Then, we headed off to my area, Chilca, Huancayo where I am District Leader over Pampas and Florida (two elder and two hermana companionships). I’m super excited for my new assignment and am anxiously awaiting what the Lord has in store for me.

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Hello from the Newest DL in SPdC

Sorry to be so late in writing today!  We’re in Tarma, and had trouble pulling out our monthly money at the ATM.  The mission debit cards wouldn’t work, so I took out quite a bit from my personal checking account — 200 Soles which is like $75.  I hope they have it fixed soon.  And then we got here, and the mouse on the computer didn’t work.  But, it is all good now.

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Greetings from Saint Peter of Boxes

Hey Family!  David here.

I am freezing my butt off here, but that’s okay because I like the cold oh so much better than the heat.  I have been transferred to San Pedro de Cajas in Tarma.  The climate is almost exactly like Utah, minus the billions of trees that we have.  I feel like I’m in mid-Utah but in Peru at the same time.  I am in the Tarma zone with Elder Diaz from Panama.  He is having a much harder time getting used to the cold than I am since he is from a really really hot country.

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight

If you couldn’t tell by the title, I am in the jungle! I am writing from an “Internet Shop” in a city. Our zone is La Merced, and I have been assigned to the San Ramon area!  My companion is named Elder Espinoza.  So, all of your prayers for a Latino first companion have been answered. He’s pretty cool, but it is hard for me to really communicate with him (which is something that I am DYING to do… I need someone to talk to in English).  Guess this gives me an even better reason to really crack down on my Spanish.  Elder Espinoza is from Central America and only has two and a half more transfers until he goes home.  He’s pretty funny, quite cool, and is a great missionary.  He’s had 46 baptisms during his mission and can’t wait for more with me.  Our zone is divided up into seven areas, and there are only seven companionships.  My companion says that only certain missionaries are assigned here because there are tons of “pretty looking women” and that there have even been problems here in the past.  Yikes.  Well, we have two wards in our area, so we have a ton of work to do on our own. Ah yeah.

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Day 1 in the CCM

August 15, 2012


So, I’m finally here! I made it safe and sound to Peru and I’m loving every minute of it so far. (P.S. Spanish keyboard layouts suck. The shift key is half the normal size with the “<” key where my finger usually shifts.) My luggage made it safe and sound to the Jorge Chavez International Airport, and after about an hour I was able to enter the country and get past customs. Sure glad I didn’t bring anything that was against customs. Some poor gentleman had his entire suitcase dumped because they saw something on the x-ray that looked suspicious.

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