Immigrations Are an Absolute Pain, and Some Other News

Yes, today we had to do immigrations to get entered into their residence system and to get our legit Perú ID cards.  It wasn’t the funnest thing to do on our P-Day, since we spent the entire day doing it.

I’ll start, however, with a report of what happened last Saturday. We got to go out proselyting again in the Lima East Mission.  We were in a nice-ish part of Lima for a few hours.  We rode a bus for 20 minutes instead of two hours (like last time), which was pretty awesome.

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Lima Tour (and Almost Through with the CCM!)

Elder Durfey and I pose at the Plaza Mayor during our P-day tour of Lima

September 12, 2012

Well, it has been both good and bad this past week.  The bad is that I am sick and tired of sitting in the same place for hours on end.  Seriously.  It’s worse than school because we can’t go home.  We are in the same building all day.  If it weren’t for P-days, I think I would go crazy here.  I have no clue how the Elders in the Provo MTC do it for so long.  Good on them.  I just can’t wait to get out and use the things I’ve learned.

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Week 6 Comes to a Close!

September 5, 2012

Well, looks like week 6 is finally over. I’m now more than two thirds through my MTC experience and halfway through the Peru CCM. It has been a pretty short three weeks, but has also felt long. We’ve decided that the days take forever in the MTC, but the weeks fly by. I am so pumped to go out into the field, especially after the experience that I had last Saturday. I also would tell you about other things that will have happened today, but we ended up with the early morning email time and we haven’t had our adventures yet.

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CCM Week 1

22 August 2012

Dear Family,

The CCM is both better and worse than the Provo MTC. I’ve decided that there are some things that I’m really going to miss in the Provo MTC. The first few things will be the amount of people that are going through the same exact thing. Here at the CCM, there are approximately 120 Missionaries in Training (well, that’s at least the capacity) and the vast majority (about three or four to one) are Latinos that are only here for three weeks. What’s cool about them is that they get the English Missionary experience, just completely in Spanish and in a smaller place. Another thing that is both positive and negative about being here is that the security is much tighter, and we are surrounded by a massive tile/concrete wall. It looks pretty cool, but it is sure keeping us in (and I guess the others out…). The thing about being locked up here is that the real world is seriously 10 feet in either direction of the wall. It is crazy close and I can hardly believe it.

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Day 1 in the CCM

August 15, 2012


So, I’m finally here! I made it safe and sound to Peru and I’m loving every minute of it so far. (P.S. Spanish keyboard layouts suck. The shift key is half the normal size with the “<” key where my finger usually shifts.) My luggage made it safe and sound to the Jorge Chavez International Airport, and after about an hour I was able to enter the country and get past customs. Sure glad I didn’t bring anything that was against customs. Some poor gentleman had his entire suitcase dumped because they saw something on the x-ray that looked suspicious.

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