Rain, Rain, Go Away

Well, what a week. It has been pretty great to see the area finally lift up again. We were super excited to see six different investigators at church yesterday. Brian, Lita, Yessel, and Francis are all up to the plate with baptismal dates for next week and all of them were able to attend this week. They’re keeping the majority of their commitments, so I’m super excited to see them progress. We were really having a building time here in Chilca, so it is super exciting to see things pick back up here! Just really goes to show that hard work and perseverance actually pay off. Yesterday at church I finally felt that the ward was also picking up from both administrative points to the general Spirit and attitude felt there. I’m so grateful for the awesomeness that is the Work of Salvation! Why would we be afraid of sharing the Gospel with our friends if it leads them to their salvation?

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Councils, Interviews and Missionary Work — Oh Boy!

A standard trip to the Metro Market. We get some cookies, some drinks, and some other random junk. Those Milo Sandwich cookies are the BEST. If Milo isn't in the states, I don't know what I'll do. (Note from Mom: Elder Torres must have found a Coke bottle with his name from the Coke Create a Can ad campaign.)

A standard trip to the Metro Market. We get some cookies, some drinks, and some other random junk. Those Milo Sandwich cookies are the BEST. If Milo isn’t in the states, I don’t know what I’ll do. (Note from Mom: Elder Torres must have found a Coke bottle with his name from the Coke Create a Can ad campaign.)

Well, what a pretty good week! It has been quite an adventure this week especially with all of the things that have been going on. As always, the work has been going well, and I’m doing great! I really love how things are going here and always look forward to the new day.

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A Jedi’s Strength Flows From the Force

Well, we’re missionaries, but it is a pretty interesting comparison. A Missionary’s strength flows from the Spirit, which is a remarkable comparison. Just like Luke Skywalker, who has to learn to control the Force, we as missionaries have to learn to listen to the Spirit and to draw what we teach from that power. If we don’t, the message of the Gospel will never reach the heart of the person, as it is promised in 2 Nephi 33. I have really learned to rely on that power in our lessons and as we teach our investigators because they are God’s children, and He knows them better than I ever will.

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Wake Me Up When September Ends

Well, it has arrived. September. I am super excited that it is September because that means that we’re entering into the last cycle of the seasons that I’ll have on the mission. That means that there will no longer be any more rain that I will have to deal with as a missionary. Winter here means rainy season and rainy season means wet missionaries and less work done because we try to escape from the random storms that just happen. The weather is less predictable than Utah and even when it is raining like crazy, the whole sky could be blue in about 20 minutes.

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Just a Normal Week in Huancayo

Well, it has been another week in Huancayo. We’re having a blast and are really enjoying all of the many surprises that Huancayo and, well, Perú in general have to offer. For starters, we thoroughly enjoyed a Santiago/Fiesta that was basically right outside our window. Well, it wasn’t actually RIGHT outside our window, but it sure did seem that way. It was actually behind the houses across the street, so even though we couldn’t see it, we sure could hear it! I do not love having a hard time going to sleep some nights, but at least THEY enjoyed themselves. It makes me wonder how Perú would be with sound ordinance laws…

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The White Rice Always Wins

I don’t know what is up with this crazy place. I have tried several times to avoid white rice in a day and, unfortunately, I have always lost. I cannot understand why it is SO hard to avoid white rice just for one day. Don’t get me wrong because I love white rice, but there are days where I just get tired of it and would rather eat something like noodles or even just skip the rice altogether. But no — we HAVE to eat it every single day. Yesterday, nobody had lunch for us, so we ate lunch in our room based on some food that we just had in storage and it was rather good. There was no rice-based food in that meal, and we almost made a whole day without rice. However, when dinner came we had rice with fried eggs because the Pachis are about out of money for the month.  It is a super cheap meal, but rather tasty if the eggs are undercooked and you can get the yoke over the rice. We were so close! But, that’s Perú for you!

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Almost a True Missionary! Approaching 12 Months!

Hello, Family!

I’m Zone Leader C today since our ZLs are off to Lima.  We’ve got P-day plans to go to a members house (that cool older lady I mentioned a few weeks ago) and make “Merican Hamburgers” and caramel popcorn for Memorial Day.  And I’m hoping the ZLs bring back that box for me!

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Hello from the Newest DL in SPdC

Sorry to be so late in writing today!  We’re in Tarma, and had trouble pulling out our monthly money at the ATM.  The mission debit cards wouldn’t work, so I took out quite a bit from my personal checking account — 200 Soles which is like $75.  I hope they have it fixed soon.  And then we got here, and the mouse on the computer didn’t work.  But, it is all good now.

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