Wake Me Up When September Ends

Well, it has arrived. September. I am super excited that it is September because that means that we’re entering into the last cycle of the seasons that I’ll have on the mission. That means that there will no longer be any more rain that I will have to deal with as a missionary. Winter here means rainy season and rainy season means wet missionaries and less work done because we try to escape from the random storms that just happen. The weather is less predictable than Utah and even when it is raining like crazy, the whole sky could be blue in about 20 minutes.

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight

If you couldn’t tell by the title, I am in the jungle! I am writing from an “Internet Shop” in a city. Our zone is La Merced, and I have been assigned to the San Ramon area!  My companion is named Elder Espinoza.  So, all of your prayers for a Latino first companion have been answered. He’s pretty cool, but it is hard for me to really communicate with him (which is something that I am DYING to do… I need someone to talk to in English).  Guess this gives me an even better reason to really crack down on my Spanish.  Elder Espinoza is from Central America and only has two and a half more transfers until he goes home.  He’s pretty funny, quite cool, and is a great missionary.  He’s had 46 baptisms during his mission and can’t wait for more with me.  Our zone is divided up into seven areas, and there are only seven companionships.  My companion says that only certain missionaries are assigned here because there are tons of “pretty looking women” and that there have even been problems here in the past.  Yikes.  Well, we have two wards in our area, so we have a ton of work to do on our own. Ah yeah.

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CCM Week 1

22 August 2012

Dear Family,

The CCM is both better and worse than the Provo MTC. I’ve decided that there are some things that I’m really going to miss in the Provo MTC. The first few things will be the amount of people that are going through the same exact thing. Here at the CCM, there are approximately 120 Missionaries in Training (well, that’s at least the capacity) and the vast majority (about three or four to one) are Latinos that are only here for three weeks. What’s cool about them is that they get the English Missionary experience, just completely in Spanish and in a smaller place. Another thing that is both positive and negative about being here is that the security is much tighter, and we are surrounded by a massive tile/concrete wall. It looks pretty cool, but it is sure keeping us in (and I guess the others out…). The thing about being locked up here is that the real world is seriously 10 feet in either direction of the wall. It is crazy close and I can hardly believe it.

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