Greetings from Saint Peter of Boxes

Hey Family!  David here.

I am freezing my butt off here, but that’s okay because I like the cold oh so much better than the heat.  I have been transferred to San Pedro de Cajas in Tarma.  The climate is almost exactly like Utah, minus the billions of trees that we have.  I feel like I’m in mid-Utah but in Peru at the same time.  I am in the Tarma zone with Elder Diaz from Panama.  He is having a much harder time getting used to the cold than I am since he is from a really really hot country.

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“I’m Having The Time of My Life, And I’ve Never Felt This Way Before”

First off, I gotta say that taxi rides both terrify me and are super awesome.   They terrify me because the drivers here are pretty selfish and they drive about 200 miles per hour when we head to La Merced.   However, they are super awesome because they often have music playing that is among the popular music of the US, and yes, that song has come up several times being down here.  I also have had a taxi that had an entire CD of BeeGees music that I sang along to under my breath the entire way to our destination.  It was pretty sweet.

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I Think It’s Gonna Rain

Hey Family!

So, yea, I didn’t get the chance on Monday to send home a letter for a few reasons.   The first is that today is a Multi-Zone P-Day since the elders from another zone are coming in for a conference with us tomorrow.   We’re going to have the chance to be instructed by our mission president and learn from him.  Today, we’re going to go to two different waterfalls, which I’ve been promised are cooler than the last two than we’ve hiked.   I’m looking forward to both events since it will be a bit of a different experience.

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