Send a Message

If you’d like to send a message to Elder David Van Komen, follow one of the sets of instructions below.


To send an email to Elder Van Komen, simply send the email to [email protected].   Missionaries are allowed 45-60 minutes email time per week.

Letters and Packages

Send to:
Elder David Van Komen
Perú Huancayo Mission
Calle Cusco #278

Letters under one ounce (generally three sheets in an envelope) cost $1.05.  Packages and heavier letters will require more postage.

Church Pouch System

The Church provides a system to send letters to missionaries that are in areas with less-than-trustworthy mailing systems.

Send to:
Elder David Van Komen
P.O.Box 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

Pouch Mail Instructions: Only postcards and letters that are single sheet, folded into three-panel, and taped at the top only (no envelopes) may be sent through the pouch (see image above).

Dear Elder’s Services

Dear Elder is a service that can send David letters free of charge. To do so, follow these instructions.

  1. Go to Dear Elder’s Website
  2. In the sidebar, locate the “Send Stuff” section and click on “Pouch”
  3. In the Drop Down Menu, locate the “Peru Huancayo” Mission (press the “p” key on your keyboard to speed the selection) and click “Write a Missionary”
  4. Enter your return address information, as well as Elder David Van Komen in the correct fields
  5. Write the letter
  6. Send the letter

Letters are printed and delivered to the mission office weekly. Cut off is Sunday night at midnight and the letters are printed and delivered to the Church Office Building on Thursday.  Letters are generally in Peru by the next week, but have to be hand-delivered to missionaries away from the mission office.  It may take up to three weeks for Elder Van Komen to receive your letter.

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